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24 May - The Day Of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture

May 24 is the Day Of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture. This day has been celebrated for 162 years now – no other holiday was so long celebrated in Bulgarian late history.

On May 11 1851 a celebration was organized by Nayden Gerov at the eparchy school `St St Kiril and Methody` in the town of Plovdiv. This was the first time to be marked the Day of the Saint brothers Kiril and Methody – the creators of Slavonic Alphabet.

24 May 2019 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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Balkanfolk launches its YouTube channel

From today you can listen to Bulgarian music for dances on the YouTube channel of Balkanfolk. We start with Graovsko, Kutsata, Kasamsko, Kayma and Kulskoto and every week we will add muzic for three new dances from our rich collection.

For 20 years Balkanfolk has been producing and publishing music for dances and folk songs. In our collection there are more than 300 Bulgarian dances from all the ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

16 May 2019 - Internet
Boris Dimitrov
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Ансамбъл "Зорница" и Фолклорен танцов театър "Родина" заеха първото място

На 19 януари 2019 г в НДК - зала 11 бяха раздадени наградите от Националната годишна класация на Фондация „Българско танцово изкуство“.

Наградата на публиката за самодеен състав получи Фолклорен танцов театър „Родина“, Варна

Наградата на публиката за професионален ансамбъл получи Професионален фолклорен ансамбъл „Странджа“, Бургас

Наградите на публиката са базирани на най-много изпратени SMS.

Награди за цялостно представяне от самодейните състави получиха:

22 January 2019 - Зала 11, НДК, София
Boris Dimitrov
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Най-големият самодеен ансамбъл подарява коледен спектакъл на Пловдив

Ансамбъл „Седенчица“ е с художествени ръководители Нели Карабахчиева и Иван Иванов, а по време на концерта ще можем да видим техен авторски репертоар, както и танци от репертоарите на Димитър Дойчинов и Емил Генов.

Най-големият самодеен ансамбъл – „Седенчица“, чието създаване и развитие може да си припомните ТУК предоставя нова наслада за сетивата на пловдивчани – специален Коледен концерт. Този празничен подарък ще се осъществи в Комплекс СИ²ЛА на 1-ви декември от 19:00 часа.

22 November 2018 - Пловдив
Boris Dimitrov
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16th Children's Folk Dance Competition

The RAC Sofia, RAC Sofia-City, RAK Blagoevgrad and RAK Dupnitsa, part of the international non-governmental organization Rotary, are pleased to invite you to the sixteenth edition of the Folklore Contest "Bulgarian Folklore".

he aim of the concert is to preserve and popularize folk dance art. The revenues from the event will be supported by the folklore groups that will take part in the competition.
Welcome on 1 December at 10 am, at the Bulgarian Army Theater. We are expecting you!

20 November 2018 - Bulgarian Army Theater, 10:00 h., Sofia
Boris Dimitrov
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Folklore Dance Panorama 2018 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Thousands Fill "Skaptopara" Hall Blagoevgrad for the dance performance of Pirin Ensemble and over 300 dancers from the region on November 10th.

The concert-spectacle is part of the program of Folklore Dance Panorama, a large-scale project of the Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation. The project includes 16 concerts in 13 cities in Bulgaria. More than 2000 dancers will perform more than 200 dances in front of 30,000 spectators and are organizing for the sixth consecutive year.

10 November 2018 - SKAPTOPARA Sports Hall, Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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National annual ranking 2018 of Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation

The publication of the dance videos for the National Annual Award of the Bulgarian Dance Arts Foundation began.
National annual ranking
The ranking covers all ensembles participating in the Folk Dance Panorama 2018.
Ranking is based on committee evaluation and audience voting.

1 July 2018 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
read in: English Български
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Bulgarian Dance Charity Campaign

Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation has launched a charity campaign entitled ‘For the Bulgarian Dance’

The collected amount will be the Foundation’s annual donation for development of stage dance art based on Bulgarian folk music and dance.

Balkanfolk Ltd., who launched the portal for Bulgarian folklore balkanfolk.com in 1996 was amongst the first supporters of this honorable initiative of the Foundation.
- You could give a helping hand to the campaign by donating. Please use the Foundation’s bank account and do give ‘donation’ as a reference:

9 June 2018 - Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation
Boris Dimitrov
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11th Competition for the Grand Dance Award of Sofia

11th Competition for the Grand Dance Award of Sofia

5 May 2018 - Cinema Theater Liberation - Sofia, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
read in: English Български
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VІІ-ми Национални празници на професионалното фолклорно изкуство Пазарджик-2018

От 2 до 11 май 2018 год. ще се проведат Националните празници на професионалното фолклорно изкуство Пазарджик - 2018. Това научихме в разговор с гл. художествен ръководител на Ансамбъл за народни песни и танци „Пазарджик“ Атанас Чолаков.
За седми път на сцената на Драматичен театър "Константин Величков" в Пазарджик ще се представят българските професионални фолклорни ансамбли.

22 January 2018 -
Boris Dimitrov
read in: English Български
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