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  Crihalma Folk Dance Group
Dances group from Denmark, we dance from all the Balkan but special dances from Romania as our mane is from a small village in that country.
Hits: 10512  From: 8 February 2008
  Radost Folk Ensemble
The Radost Folk Ensemble brings color, energy and the precision of ethnic culture to the concert stage. Since 1976 the company has presented the music, song and dance of Eastern Europe, including Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, with the splendor of authentic costumes, live music on traditional instruments, vitality and joy. From standing ovations in major concert halls in America to delighted audiences throughout Eastern Europe, the Radost Folk Ensemble's enthusiasm and professionalism reflect their love and respect for the culture of Eastern Europe.
Hits: 12003  From: 6 November 2006
  Sedianka Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble in Belgium
Sedianka is a Traditional Bulgarian Dance Ensemble in Liege, Belgium. The pleasure of dancing and the love for Bulgarian music and traditions is most important to us. We rehearse once a week dances from all regions of Bulgaria and make our costumes from different Bulgarian regions.
Hits: 5442  From: 22 October 2007
We are a group of dancers who enjoy balkan music and dances. We organize many folk dance and folk music week end and workshops in Britanny (France)
Hits: 8657  From: 22 November 2009
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