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International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia
10 August 2008

International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia (from 1 to 11 August 2008).

“And songs, my child, songs and music make a nation. Every bird sings in its own voice. Every nation has its own voice, too and its own song by which it is known. When you meet a stranger never ask him who he is and where he comes from. Let him sing or play to you and all will be clear to you…” This is said in “The Legacy of Songs and Plays” by Stefan Nemanja.

In these days the Grammar School of Rudnik is hosting a seminar for folk and ethnic traditions in which people from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Republika Srpska, and Belgium participate. The Japanese patricipant arrived with a direct flight from Tokio to Belgrade. All this was organized by Aleksander Sasha Smrekic, artist director of the Cultural and Artist Society “Abrasevic” from Cacak and Vladimir Tanasijevic, artist director of the Academic Artist and Cultural Society “Branko Krsmanovic” from Belgrade. Boris Dimitrov from Sofia is the third performer, he is the founder of “Balkanfolk”, a society for cultivation of Bulgarian folklore. He lectures basic steps of original dances from his country.

Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia Serbian folk dance classes with Vladimir Tanasijevic Traditional weaving lectured by Svetlana Krsmanovic Church Saint George - Rudnik, Serbia Ovčar Banja - Serbia Evening party in hotel Neda Zamid - Rudnik, Serbia

Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia

Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia
13.08.2008, Борис Димитров

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  • International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia

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