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The new folk costumes of Atelier Balkanfolk
5 July 2020

Photos of some of the folk costumes - models designed and made last year in the studio of Balkanfolk. You can order single pieces in our online store. To order 10 or more costumes you can contact us to reduce the price. Може да купите и отделни елементи от показаните комплекти. You can also buy individual items from the kits shown.

Macedonian folk costume (Debar) BF 420810 Folklore costume from Shoppe Region of Bulgaria BF 120340 Folklore costume from Thrace Region of Bulgaria BF 221220 Folklore costume from North Bulgaria BF 321550 Bulgarian Folk Costume from Shoppe Region (Graovo) BF 120610 Bulgarian folk costume from Thrace (Yambol) BF 220510

Macedonian folk costume (Debar) BF 420810

Macedonian folk costume (Debar) BF 420810
05.07.2020, Boris Dimitrov

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