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Photos - End of International Folk Festival "Gersiovsko veselie"
6 May 2012

Photos from the closure of the VI International Festival "Gergiovsko veselie" (Saint George joy) Kremikovtzi 2012, Bulgaria.

The festival was attended by folk ensembles from Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.

Litiino shestvie - Festival "Gergiovsko veselie" Folk Festival "Gergiovsko veselie" - Litiino shestvie Kremikovtsi ensemble Kremikovtsi Folk Ensemble Folk Ensemble - Russia Folk Ensemble - Russia Church "St. George the Victorious" -  Kremikovtsi, Bulgaria Romanian folk group Bulgarian national costumes Bulgarian dance group "Ima nema" Atelier for production of costumes Balkanfolk at the Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" Folk dance ensemble Kremikovtsi - Bulgaria Bulgarian folk dances - Northern costume

Litiino shestvie - Festival "Gergiovsko veselie"

Litiino shestvie - Festival "Gergiovsko veselie"
06.05.2012, Борис Димитров

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