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VI International Student Folklore Festival "Meetings of the Friendship" - virtual edition (12 photos)

VI virtual edition of the International Student Folklore Festival "Meetings of the Friendship" - Varna, Bulgaria from 20.11.2020 to 21.11.2020.

· Academic Folklore Ensemble "GERGANA" - Varna, Bulgaria
· Academic Folklore Ensemble at The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts "Prof. Asen Diamandiev" - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
· Student Dance Ensemble "PULDIN" - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
· Academic Dance Theater "Chernorizets Hrabar" at Varna Free University, Bulgaria
· University Folk Dance group at the Medical University "Prof. D-r Paraskev Stoyanov”, Varna – Bulgaria
· Student Folklore Ensemble "ZORNITSA" - Sofia, Bulgaria
· Student ensemble for folk dances and songs "ALTAN BULAG" Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation
· Songs and Dance National Ensemble "GEORGIAN FOLKLORE" (TSMU), Tbilisi, Georgia
· Ballet Folklorico "TZONTEMOC" - Mexico
· Student Folk Ensemble MUGURELUL Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, Romania
· Folk Dance Theatre “ESCADA” – Lviv, Ukrainev

20 November 2020
Bulgarian Folk Costumes (11 photos)

Bulgarian folk costumes made in the studio of Balkanfolk. Bulgarian folklore costumes

13 October 2020
Kremikovtsi Dance Ensemble, Sofia (6 photos)

Kremikovtzi Dance Ensemble was established in 1974. Artistic director of the ensemble is Valentina Kitova.

The repertoire of the Kremikovtzi Ensemble includes the dances "Shopska Suitа", "Kremikovski Igri", "Severnyashki tants", "Lazarki", "Srednogorki", "Kukeri".
"Obshtobalgarska rachenitsa", "Momtsi trakiitsi", "Folklorna vartelezhka", "Sreshti", "Komitsko libe", "Gergyovden", "Kukli", "Koledari", "Po polyata na Dorbrudzha", "Na megdana", "Pirinki".

Video and photos from the participation of the Kremikovtzi Ensemble in the Folk Dance Panorama organized by the Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation.

2 October 2020
Atanas Manchev Folklore Ensemble , Burgas - photos and video (8 photos)

Folklore ensemble "Atanas Manchev", Burgas was established in 1945.

Radko Tonev has been a choreographer and artistic director of the ensemble at the National Chitalishte "Probuda - 1880" in Burgas for over 40 years. After his retirement, the tradition is continued by his son and daughter - Dimitar Tonev and Pavlina Krasteva.

27 September 2020
There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club (6 photos)

There is a magic which has conserved the ancient spirit in our lands, which has kept us together as a nation during the dark days in our millenary history. A magic which is still alive today – the magic of the Bulgarian folklore.
Balkanfolk News

4 September 2020
Embroidered sleeves from Region of Sofia and Graovo (svilenitsi, kapanitsi) (12 photos)

Balkanfolk Atelier offers embroidered sleeves (slops, shirts) for a women's shirt that you can sew on your shirts.

1 September 2020
New song by Iva Davidova - "Mario, cherko" (6 photos)

The Bulgarian singer Iva Davidova presented a new song "Mario, cherko" (Mario, daughter) on the day of the Great Mother of God. In it, the established singer partners with the talented Maria-Magdalena Yordanova.

Listen to the song on the official YouTube channel of Iva Davidova

20 August 2020
Pictures of details of Bulgarian folk costumes (12 photos)

Pictures of details of Bulgarian folk costumes made in Atelier Balkanfolk. Photos of coats, jackets, towels, pinafores, men's embroidered shirts, women's embroidered shirts, aprons and other items.
Bulgarian folk costumes

24 July 2020
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Sleeves for Women's Shirt
Sleeves for Women's Shirt

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Folk Costumes
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