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Theme III.International Folkdance Festival
User yarenajans
Date 26.06.2008 03:56 Reply
Text III. INTERNATIONAL FOLKDANCE FESTIVAL will be held between August 5-9, 2008 by YAREN Ajans in Mudanya -BURSA, in scope of I. International Turkey Mega Festival’08 which will be held between August 4-10, 2008

In scope of I. International Turkey Mega Festival’08, there will be several concerts by several national and international artists, international folkdance festival and other various activities. Mega Festival will be announced by TV and press of 4 different countries and there will be approximately 250.000 guests in every day performances. There will be great light and firework animations in this great organization and it will open to public.

For further information, please e-mail to yarenajans@yahoo.com or visit http://mudanyafestivali08.tr.gg

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