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Date 25.11.2007 07:12 Reply
Text Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite your group to participate in our Folklore Festival, held in one of the most beautiful countries - Italy:
II International Youth Folklore Festival "Anzio-2008" (14-21 June 2008), Anzio, Italy
Anzio is located 50km from the capital Rome and is a town located on the sea coast Roman famous in the world because is birthplace of Emperor Nero of Rome, and central point of the landing of American allies in World War II.
First Folk Festival Abruzzo’s Beaches "(30 April-4 May 2008), Roseto, Italy
Numerous archeological finds show that the territory of Roseto was already inhabited in Roman times. Today Rose Garden is one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Abruzzo’s Coast and offers a holiday full of entertainment and attractions, thanks to its beach and the sea and modern hotels.
First Folklore Fest "Bracciano Castle" (25 to 29 August 2008), Bracciano, Italy
The Castle Bracciano (Orsini-Odescalchi) is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and represents an impressive example of military architecture fortified. Now Castle Bracciano attracts great interest because chosen by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to crown their marriage in 2006. Bracciano is famous for its castle, but also for its lake where it is prohibited navigating boats motor, for its beaches populated by many Italian and foreign tourists.

Dance, song and instrumental ensembles are invited to take part in the Festivals.
The Festivals has no competitive character. Their puprose is to acquaint both the participants and the resort guests with the art, culture, traditions and habits of the participating countries, to create informal contacts between children and delegations’ officials, to provide good rest in Italy.
The Folklore Festivals also bring with them the opportunity to present the richness of ancient Italian heritage and leave indelible memories that each participant bring in their own land.
Each participating group will be awarded a Honorary Diploma of Festival Participant, valuable souvenir and a gift, DVD with the film on the Festival events. The Festival’s activities will be covered in the broadcasts of the Italian national and regional TV channels and radio stations, Italian newspapers and magazines.
Within the framework of the Festival each ensemble is expected to be ready to take part in:

* Parades in the streets of the town.
* Presentations in concerts - up to 15 minutes each.
* Meeting with the Mayor of the town (for art directors and group's officials).
* All-round events: discotheques, contests and games, sporting events.

More details are available on email: sopravista@yahoo.it, festival_italia@yahoo.it

or www.sopravista.blogspot.com

Organizing Committee of Festivals 2008

08.11.2009 17:03

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take the pleasure to inform you that ours is a Cultural Group and Academy specialized in the Punjabi Folk Dances like (Bhangra, Giddha, Malwai Giddha and other folk dances) and are providing training to the kids and youths in Punjab, i.e. the northern region of India, which is known around the world for its good human values, relations and bravery. Our cultural group includes male as well as female members. Apart from this, we have been participating in different cultural festivals organized in India and abroad since long.

While surfing through internet, we came in contact with your site and noted that you are one of the organizers of cultural festivals being organized around the world. Since we feel that we are in the position to approach you directly to demonstrate our cultural specialties, if we are given a chance to perform in your country on your invitation, we are contacting you by this mail.

We are of the opinion that the cultural festivals being organized around the world are being proved to be a good source of culture exchange in between the different communities, nations and continents, which is really needed during this pace of human welfare, world peace and integration.

We hereby offer our consent to participate in the cultural festival to be organized by you in the future. We shall feel highly obliged if you kindly provide us the details of the forthcoming festival, if any and the formalities to be completed by us at our end for participation.

We hope you would consider our proposal favorably and would definitely give us a chance to start and strengthen our cultural relations.

We hope for your kind consideration and long term cultural relations.

Please do reply.

Thanks and regards,

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