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Theme RSgoldfast RuneScape: adapt to the changing times
User Heulwenlucas
Date 26.01.2024 08:26 Reply
Text Following announcements about the Steam news, Mod Warden continued his discuss making the game more accessible to a wider audience as well as modernizing specific features of RuneScape to adapt to the changing times. There was also discussion about the ways these changes will aid the eventual launch of RuneScape's mobile game and it's being delayed until 2021 because of world happenings.

When the discussion was over, Mod Warden put out a message of thanks to the community. He also asked players to offer warm greetings to any new players to the game once it launches on Steam on or after October 14th.

The Steam version of Old School RuneScape will likely function similar to that version of RuneScape which players can download on their official site. While the announcement is exciting however, it's not a sure thing that a Steam version Old School RuneScape hasn't been made public yet. It's not clear if it will be released to the Steam store, or if it's exclusive to the Steam store or mobile device.

It was an ordinary morning in the life of Twitch streamer Jakeyosaurus when he logged into Old School RuneScape with the intention of completing certain Treasure Trail quests. He was able to collect 150 Hard reward caskets and began to dig until he discovered an Master Treasure Trail scroll.

The game of Old School Runescape, Master scrolls are only suitable for players who have honed their abilities to the top tiers however they can provide the highest amount of items. One Master scroll he played with and was the 412th scroll he'd completed, was not anything to be proud of as did the following nine. The tenth casket in the stream was revealed to be a replica masquerading to be a master reward caddy. He didn't realize that it was going to be the jackpot.

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