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Theme MMOexp Diablo 4: With the constant stream of PC games
User Heulwenlucas
Date 26.01.2024 08:25 Reply
Text If you're not aware to the term "set", Set Items are essentially strong parts of equipment that give more power when put together. They're "set" since they always provide the same bonus features, and as such they're part of sets. They were first introduced in Diablo 2, though it was in Diablo 3 that they began to become more dominant. It remains to be seen how they'll affect the Diablo 4 meta should they arrive, though we have no doubt their influence on the evolving fashion scene will be felt.

It's a bit disappointing that the Diablo 4 beta hasn't convinced me yet, but I'm excited to play longer (Set Items or not).

With the constant stream of PC games, the grind never stops. While our fantastic virtual universe continues to spin on its physical axis there's lot to look forward to in the coming year. We've got Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield, Diablo 4 and much more It's also worth casting our thoughts back to the best PC games from 2022. As the holiday season comes to a close , and fireworks can be seen on the horizon, we've decided to take the liberty of collecting some of this year's most significant news events into one place . After all there's nothing wrong about a bit of nostalgia?

One of the most exciting announcements to be announced in January was the announcement from Blizzard Entertainment that a brand new game located inside an "all all-new universe" is in development, adding another line to the Diablo WoW maker's symbolic bow. Blizzard wasn't the only company to announce something brand spanking new but Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment revealed that they are working on another triple A shooter.

To top it off, turn-based strategy game fans were rewarded with the news of the establishment of a brand new studio led by the Doom and XCOM designers, which have come together to bring more strategic goodness to this ever-growing genre.

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