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Theme There are many ways to determine if the FIFA 23
User anqilan456
Date 22.03.2023 04:39 Reply
There are many ways to determine if the FIFA 23 servers have gone down

As mentioned above, the servers may go down in the course of a planned or inadvertently. At 7:30 am UTC, all available services will go down for about an hour half because EA Sports will be updating its servers. It's routine maintenance and users shouldn't worry too much.

There were instances when the servers were down without prior notification. This was the case during early access period of FIFA 23 and irritated some players. It's therefore important to be aware of when servers are down and there are many ways to check.

The best option is following the authentic Twitter accounts of FIFA Direct Communication. EA utilizes this handle to communicate important information and to ensure there's no miscommunication with their player base. If the game goes offline for maintenance, they will inform players via this Twitter handle.

Another option is to use the website Down Detector. This is a user-generated resource website that monitors the server status of different video games and websites. When FIFA 23 is not working the site will be one of the best resources for players to look up the status.

The third and most inconvenient way to find out is to take you directly to the gaming. When the servers fail, all features that are available in Ultimate Team mode and others will be inaccessible. It isn't the ideal way to find out, as this could also occur due to problems with the player's networks.
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