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Theme Manning vs Brady played the first 16 rounds soared points battle
User nflcha
Date 03.11.2014 15:25 Reply
Text Though not a night race, this two active greatest quarterback duel is still one of the most eye-catching game this week. This is - Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Peyton - Manning 16th grips (Peyton Manning) in his career, the first 15 times vs. Brady won 10 times, Manning won five times. Before the game was in the doldrums after Brady played well in October led the team won four straight, also won the American League Player of the Year in October, while the game is Brady 200 career games as a starter, he the first eight players to reach this achievement. Manning led the Broncos to continue steady play, in addition to the Seahawks since the start of the season undefeated.
After the start of the game between the two sides are very cautious first wave of attack, only by a short pass and rushed the ball and eventually also to punt ended. Section middle of the Patriots took the lead. Due to the shorter distance before the Broncos punt and have a foul in the defensive back to the attack, which makes the Patriots to 39 yards in the Broncos offensive line started. Although the Patriots failed to finish in third gear to convert this wave of attack, but to advance to the Broncos 31 yards line has enough kicker Goetz Koski (Stephen Gostkowski) completed a 49 yards field goal. Then the Broncos fired back, running back Ronnie - Hillman (Ronnie Hillman) and wide receiver Emmanuel - Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) become the wave of offensive play helped the Broncos advance to the Patriots halftime, then Man rather a long pass found wide receiver Dema Reese - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) into the Patriots red zone. Patriots defensive pass interference foul then the group helped the Broncos busy, which began from the Patriots one yard line with the Broncos offensive Hillman's rushing touchdowns made​​. Broncos 7-3 lead. Patriots got the ball right back after launching a smooth attack, Brady to tight end Rob - glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski), wide receiver Julian - Edelman (Julian Edelman) and running back Sean - Flynn (Shane Vereen) the ball again and again succeeded, while the attack on the road Flynn also gave some support, but the Broncos into the red zone, the Patriots were the Broncos successfully blocked field goal kicker can only choose . Drastic changes to the Section field, this section of the game has become a Patriots team's performance stage. The first is the Broncos this section first wave attack, Manning's pass to wide receiver Thomas was Patriots linebacker Rob - Official Selection Albion (Rob Ninkovich) and steals back to attack to the Broncos 34 yards line. The Patriots did not waste a good opportunity, Brady 2 consecutive passes successfully entered the Broncos red zone, and Edelman with the completion of the final five yards passing touchdowns. Patriots 13-7 ahead score. Broncos re-start after the attack stop at the side 31 yards, but this time the Broncos kicking tee mistakes when first abandoned and then abandoned Tipi Edelman back to the attack 84 yards touchdown, it was his fourth career punt back offensive touchdowns, creating a record in team history. Mustang's nightmare does not end there, began to attack again after they successfully advance to the Patriots 23 yards line through the red ball and Manning Hillman Saunders pass the ball and tie, although it did not pass 后曼宁 consecutive third gear successful, but they still have a shot scoring opportunities, my expectation kicker Brandon - McManus (Brandon McManus) side kick 41-yard field goal, the Broncos wasted a chance to chase points. Patriots offensive was soon followed by the third gear not have to punt, the Broncos get the ball after advancing to the Patriots 34 yards line through the short pass and rushed the ball, this time the Broncos selected fourth gear force attack, but Manning was recently Join Patriots Akim - Ayers (Akeem Ayers) sack, the Broncos have to place defense conversion. The last wave of attacks launched in the first half and the Patriots are still the same as before relying on red ball and Flynn Flynn, glycopyrrolate Koski and Edelman trio carried the ball forward. Although Edelman's 5 yards touchdown catch was overturned referee, the Patriots before halftime succeeded by Brady pass 5 yards to find Flynn completed touchdowns. The first half ended, the Patriots lead Broncos 27-7.
First attack by the Patriots in the second half. This time steals fate befall Brady head. He took over Danny - Amendola (Danny Amendola0 pass was Broncos rookie cornerback Bradley - Robbie (Bradley Roby) steals the Patriots as the Broncos did not waste this opportunity pass in the running after binding to advance to the Patriots red zone, Manning pass 18 yards to find tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) Manning completed touchdown this is the 47th consecutive passing touchdowns recorded there, tied legend. quarterback Johnny - Younaitasi (Johnny Unitas) record and for Everett Thomas, it was his 10th of the season touchdowns, which is the first time the Broncos have made ​​two consecutive seasons Everett and more than 10 times the number of touchdowns. Mustang catching the score is 14-27. Patriots did not sit near Bronco chase the score, they continued sharp attack, this time Amendola also began to show strength, to complete a second 21 yards ball at the Broncos 37 yards line to face fourth gear 5 yards, the Patriots also chose storm. with the Broncos is different, Brady pass to Flynn successful completion of the first attack. final completion of this wave of attack from the Patriots 45 end code to play the Broncos need to quickly chase points thereafter suffered another blow, Manning took out Davis - Wilk (Wes Welker) direction pass by Patriots cornerback Brandon - Bronner (Brandon Browner) copy intercept and attack back to the Broncos 10 yards line Brady then pass directly to find a record 10 yards wide receiver Brandon. - Rafael (Brandon LaFell) completed a touchdown to pull the score to 37-14 Patriots face. on this pit, the Broncos can do is rely on the ball quickly to chase points. the side 28 yards offensive line started two consecutive passes Manning and Sanders were found Hillman total advance 38 yards, then rely on the Patriots three consecutive fouls Broncos enter the Patriots red zone. this time the goal is Manning's pass running back Hillman, the latter with the completion of 15 yards with his touchdown. Broncos continue to keep the pressure, but they have to rely on the defense in order to comeback group blocking the Patriots offense. Unfortunately, this goal seems to become impossible task from the side 20 yards Patriots offensive line started by a short pass and rushed the ball steady, and always in the crucial three profile attack to get a new first gear in advance to the Broncos 21 yards line, Brady found a record 20 yards passing glycopyrrolate Koski advance before reaching the end zone, followed by a 1-yard pass to his completion touchdowns, the score was 43-21 for derogatory Brady, in this wave of the attack in which he completed 62 games in his career passing yardage broke 300 yards in the game, with the legendary quarterback Brett - Favre (Brett Favre) tied for fourth in the history, while giving glycopyrrolate Koski's passing touchdowns later, Brady completed 22 games in his career has made at least four touchdowns in the game, and the Hall of Fame quarterback Dan - Marino (after Dan Marino) tied for fourth in the history of the face 22 point deficit, the Broncos have been cornered in Manning twice a long pass put the team into the Patriot red zone, they were blocked in four consecutive offensive Patriots 8 yards line. The next game for the Patriots to just time consuming, but the Broncos did two consecutive wave attack in the face of fourth gear case must be made ​​the first attack of fall short. In the Patriots after the success of the time-consuming less than 2 minutes, the Broncos gave up the game. Final Patriots 43-21 victory over the Broncos.
The game Patriots quarterback - Tom Brady pass 33 times 53 times successfully obtained 333 yards four touchdowns passes one steals, the ball, the number one tight end on a continuation of glycopyrrolate Koski Course in good condition, has made 105 yards a touchdown, which is the first 15 games of his career yardage ball Pobai, writing a team record. Wide receiver Julian - Edelman made ​​89 yards a catch touchdowns, plus a second punt return touchdowns. Flynn has made running back rushed the ball 29 yards, 38 yards a catch made ​​touchdowns. The Broncos side, Peyton - Manning 57 passes 34 times successfully obtained 438 yards two touchdowns passes two steals, but it can be said that two steals very deadly, because the Patriots have been converted to touchdowns. Running back Ronnie - Hillman rushed the ball catch each made ​​a touchdown, made ​​151 yards out over Sanders, Thomas has made 127 yards, but failed to obtain touchdowns. After the game, the Patriots boarded Midland first name throne.

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