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Theme Balkan Folk information
User Papii
Date 08.10.2011 12:30 Reply
Text Hello,

I'm 16years old and live in Belgium, I was wondering if some one could help me?

I'm learning for sound-technicien and I'm making an essay about Folk music.

Does anybody know:
- Since when Balkan Folk exists?
- Why did it exists?
- How can you know it is Balkan folk and not an other folk kind.
- What is the classical backline in Balkan Folk?
- Can you tell me a few of the most famous songs?

Thank you
Greets from Belgium,
Devlieghere laurens

02.11.2011 12:29
The posting was deleted by the administrator. Reply
13.12.2011 13:55
Re: [Re: Re: Balkan Folk information]

You should listen some Balkan folk music http://www.yu4you.com/Za-dusu-za-dzabe-Sinan-Sakic,cd,5783,en
and it seems to be clear than! :)
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