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Theme Project of hospitality exchange
User mos
Date 10.03.2010 16:54 Reply
Text Voicing: Mixed
I am writing in behalf of several israeli choirsand dance groups that are inerested in hospitality exchange and culture with choirs and dance groups around the world.
The general idea of the hospitality exchange that they would like to create an meeting through hospitality,with music being
the common theme, in order to familiazize.
In case you might be interstrd to take part in this project we will be pleased to send you the full detailed of exchange choir or dance groups program.
Looking forward to hear from you soon
Moshe Sarfatty,
Music, Travel Festival
50 Carmel Street,
Alfe Menashe
Israel 44851.
Telephone: 09-7925629
Mobile: 052-5670108
Fax: 09-7925663

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