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Theme Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010
User Marion
Date 02.10.2009 17:16 Reply
Text Hi, we are trying to plan a trip to the Koprivshtitsa Festival August 12-15, 2010. Is it true that all the rooms are already booked and that it's impossible to attend the festival unless you go through one of the tour groups? Thanks for any advice you can provide!

12.10.2009 12:36
Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010 [Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010]

Hi Marion,
I have heard of other people who also tried to find rooms in Koprivshtitsa for the sabor and have been unable to do so.If you are interested in joining a workshop I can send some information about Balkanfolk 2010 (please send email address)Even if you don't participate in any of the courses you may attend and then accommodation is assured because we will stay in Koprivshtitsa 4th-16th August, 2010.
13.10.2009 09:01
Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010 [Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010]

Dear Friends of Folklore

First of all we wont to inform you about our Organization, we Are the Association of Culture Development and Renaissance of Georgia, I ma The Manager of the Organization- Nanuka Tskitishvili.

We are the member ship Of IOV and CID, and have corporation CIOFF organization.
There are united about 40 folk dancing ensembles of different ages on our association.
We want to make contribution to the cause of consolidating peace and friendship among
The people of the world and to develop and renaissance world folk.
Our ensembles are the laureates of many international festivals. Their performance
Always caused great ovations in the public and we believe that our folk dancing collectives
Will perform as many times amazed visitor’s hearts in the world.
Dear Marion We would like very Much georgain folk dance Group take aprt Koprivshtitsa festival in 2010 Year.

Plaese Dear Friends of folklore forseen our Graet wih, And Don't Hesitt contact us if you need any other information about Gerorgain folk dance Group.
We Hope our Coporation will be continue in future.

Best wishes nanuka, the mnger of the Organization.

E-mail: tskitishvilinanka@yahoo.com
30.10.2009 18:28
Re: Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010 [Re: Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010]

could you, please, send the information about the festival.
we are a couple from Hamburg, and like to participate.

Best regards

04.11.2009 21:20
Re: Re: Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010 [Re: Re: Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010]

Hello Dieter.
The Koprivshtitsa festival, which is a showcase of authentic Bulgarian folklore from all regions of the country, is not organised by Balkanfolk. However, Balkanfolk workshop 4th-16th August,2010, will take place in Koprivshtitsa to coincide with the festival. We will stay in private homes and courses on offer at the workshop will be Bulgarian national dances, Serbian dances, Bulgarian musical instruments, Bulgarian singing and Bulgarian language. It's also possible to come and not take part in the courses.Participants will be free for the 3 days' duration of the festival to visit the events. Full details of Balkanfolk workshop will be posted in the "Workshop" section of this site very soon.
kind regards,
Anna Travali (Sofia-Bulgaria)
08.11.2009 16:22
Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010 [Re: Koprivshtitsa Festival 2010]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take the pleasure to inform you that ours is a Cultural Group and Academy specialized in the Punjabi Folk Dances like (Bhangra, Giddha, Malwai Giddha and other folk dances) and are providing training to the kids and youths in Punjab, i.e. the northern region of India, which is known around the world for its good human values, relations and bravery. Our cultural group includes male as well as female members. Apart from this, we have been participating in different cultural festivals organized in India and abroad since long.

While surfing through internet, we came in contact with your site and noted that you are one of the organizers of cultural festivals being organized around the world. Since we feel that we are in the position to approach you directly to demonstrate our cultural specialties, if we are given a chance to perform in your country on your invitation, we are contacting you by this mail.

We are of the opinion that the cultural festivals being organized around the world are being proved to be a good source of culture exchange in between the different communities, nations and continents, which is really needed during this pace of human welfare, world peace and integration.

We hereby offer our consent to participate in the cultural festival to be organized by you in the future. We shall feel highly obliged if you kindly provide us the details of the forthcoming festival, if any and the formalities to be completed by us at our end for participation.

We hope you would consider our proposal favorably and would definitely give us a chance to start and strengthen our cultural relations.

We hope for your kind consideration and long term cultural relations.

Please do reply.

Thanks and regards,

Mob…: 0091-9815091116,
Phone: 0091-161-2608836


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