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Ensemble Balkan’s Annual Concert
13 May 2008
Sofia, Hall of Transport Emplyoees

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Ensemble Balkan’s Annual Concert

The annual concert of ‘Balkan’ ensemble will show also the School for authentic horo ‘Balkan’ and the following five groups:
- the dance group at cultural club ‘Tsar Boris III’, composed of students at 48th school ‘Iossif Kovachev’, from the region of Serdika, led by Madlen Zaharieva.
- the group at 58th school ‘Sergei Rumyantsev’, region of Serdika, led by Maya Desheva;
- the group at cultural club ‘Vassil Levski’, Benkovski quarter, led by Maya Desheva. The group is composed mainly of students form the school and it is a regular participant in the events organized in the district.
- the group at 41th school ‘Saints Cyril and Methodius’, region of Triaditza, led by Detelina Sotirova;
- the group at cultural club ‘Tsar Boris III’ led by Angel Tomov, composed of children from the age of 11 to 13.

Милена Чирпанлиева

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