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International Folklore Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" - Kremikovtzi
2 May 2022 - 6 May 2022
Kremikovtsi Monastery

International Folklore Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" - Kremikovtzi


Dear friends,

We invite you to participate in the XVI International Festival "St. George's Fun" - Kremikovtzi 2022
from 02.05.2022 until 06.05.2022 in Kremikovtsi district.

The organizer of the festival is the Chitalishte "Svetlina Kremikovtsi - 1906" - Kremikovtsi

Our young people are our future, our children are our pride.
Worthy guardians of traditions and bearers of the new and modern in
European Bulgaria.

For more information:
0884707092 - Yordanka Kirilova
0884707084 - Valentina Kitova
0884707086 - Veselina Gyosheva

16-ти Международен фестивал Гергьовско веселие

Boris Dimitrov

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