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Internatıonal Folkdance – Musıc – Vokal Festıval
27 Jul 2017 - 31 Jul 2017

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Internatıonal Folkdance – Musıc – Vokal Festıval

Folklore groups – Musıc – Vokal - Modern dance groups

27.07.2017 15:00 Arrıval at Rovesnyk / Sokal , Accomodatıon at the hotel and Dınner
28.07.2017 Opening the ceremony of the Festıval.Performances of the Groups,
29.07.2017 Visit of the Sokal cıty Performances of the groups and Party..
30.07.2017 Consert, rewarding, exchange by the gifts of participants of festıval masterclass of
Ukraınıan dance..
31.07.2017 12:00 Breakfast, departure of the groups..

Condıtıons of the Festıval : - Number of partıcıpants ara not limited - No age limits - Organizatıon of the performances for the partıcıpants Partıcıpatıon fee ; 70 euro (4 nıghts + 3 meals)
If group want will stay 5 nıghts 89 euro all including
“ ROVESNYK “ Sports & Healty Center http://www.rovesnyk.com.ua
For groups of 21 participants, 22th is serviced free of charge, for the groups with over 40 participants – 41st and 42nd are serviced free of charge.
• Accomodatıon in Hotel for double and triple room.. for a single room of 08 EUR per person per day - Full boards (breakfast + Lunch + Dınner) - Organızatıon expenses - Diplomas - Letter of invitation - Any group should be paid advance of %40 of total sum on account of organizers untıl 15th of Aprıl 2017 The rest of money, %60 should be paid after the group arrıved. In case of cancellatıon, advance will be not refund.
Contact : Arif Sönmez ,

Accomodatıon place
Accomodatıon place
Accomodatıon place

Arif Sönmez

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