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Greek traditionnal dances, seminar & workshop
4 Jul 2015 - 12 Jul 2015
Tinos, Cyclades, Greece

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Greek traditionnal dances, seminar & workshop

Traditional Greek dances, seminar & workshop
Island of Tinos, Cyclades, Greece
from Saturday 4th to Sunday 12th of July
8 nights, 7 days

A unique experience!

• An authentic seminar, being prepared and organized by the Tiniots & with the Tiniots (and not a seminar disconnected from people, reality & environment, “parachuted” in an hotel, with a “all-in-one” package)
• A first-rank pedagogy, with our friend Stathis, an exceptional dancer & teacher, widely acclaimed & respected in Greece. Stathis has a deep, broad & rich knowledge of dances & traditions.
• A wonderful island, with unrivalled & unparalleled beauty: preserved, authentic, without tourism. And with 60 white villages, as jewels in a green case.
• An exciting journey through the dances & traditions of 6 regions or themes: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, Asia Minor, North Aegean, Laïko & Rebetiko. 6 days of dance, 6 hours of teaching and practice per day.
• One day of rest, with the visit of Pyrgos. Pyrgos is the Greek center for marble, with its School of Fine Arts, its Museum, its different studios & artists. Several major buildings have been made with Tinos’ marble by Tinos sculptors: the Academy, the University, the Parliament, the Archeological Museum, the Cathedral, many Palaces and Churches, etc.
• A stay in a wonderful fisherman’s wharf, at the end of the island, at the end of the world… and many beaches around…
• An island of good food, with many local excellent products: cheese, meat from sheep & goat, organic vegetable & fruit, honey, artichokes, capers, beers, and much, much local cooking!
• Gorgeous taverns
• 10 years of experience in the organization of seminars & workshops in Greece by our cultural association, Nisiotis.


• First week of July
• You arrive on Saturday 4th, at the time you want. We start the seminar at night with a welcome drink, and with our dinner.
• You leave on Sunday, 12th, at the time you want, after breakfast, and before 12 AM.


• Panormos, a superb little fishing harbor
• A magical, enchanting place, far, very far from any kind of tourism
• A peaceful & quiet place: fishermen, Greeks, Tiniots. And yourself!
• A paradise…

The strengths of the seminar:

• You discover a beautiful island: this is the very first time that a dance workshop is being organized in Tinos with the Tiniots
• You live with the Tiniots, as all our team is from Tinos
• You are permanently close to the sea
• You dance, learn & practice with an exceptional dancer & teacher.

Your room?

• By default, you share a room for 2 with 2 beds, with another dancer (2 men, or 2 women together)
• If you want to have a single room, this is possible, with a little daily “extra”

The program?

• Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: dances, teaching & practicing from 10 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM. 6 hours of dance per day.
• Wednesday: we go to Pyrgos, the capital city in Greece for sculpting on white marble: we’ll visit the outstanding Museum, the city, the houses, the cemetery, the streets, the home of Halepas: Pyrgos is an open-air museum!

The dances?

• 6 main regions or 6 themes will be studied and practiced during the 6 days: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Asia Minor, Crete, North Aegean, Laïka & Rébétiko (Zeïbékiko, Hassapiko, Aptaliko, etc)

The main teacher, and director of pedagogy for the seminar?

• Stathis, an outstanding dancer & teacher
• Stathis is « psaltis » (« cantor ») at the Panagia of Tinos, which is the center for Greek Orthodoxy. He has a unique knowledge of music & culture from Byzantium.
• His passion: dance. Stathis has a phenomenal energy, and an outstanding charism. All dancers that have been working & learning with him have been convinced, enchanted, “converted”: Greeks, or people outside Greece.

The meals?

• Morning: Greek breakfast.
• Evening: diner, together, in a local tavern, with local gorgeous food & wine.

The daily break?

• From 1 PM to 5 PM, you are free.
• You may rest, tan on the beach, dive into the crystal-clear waters, walk around Panormos, or have a lunch: Greek salad, grilled fish, squid or octopus…

The sea?

• Just everywhere!
• Beaches with sand, rocks or pebble: you have the choice
• Beaches with wind and waves, or very quiet beaches: you have the choice, again!

The trip to Tinos?

• Very simple!
• First, you fly to Athens
• At Athens AirPort, Eleftheros Venizelou, you take a direct bus which drives you to the port of Rafina, in about 20 minutes
• In Rafina, you take one of the many boats to Tinos. There are several different shipping companies, and several different boats.
• The catamarans are fast, (SeaJet or HighSpeed): you’ll be in Tinos 90 minutes after departure.
• If you prefer traditional boats & ships, you have much choice, too. Your ship will maybe stopover in Andros and/or Syros, on the way to Tinos. The trip will be a little longer.
• All timetables for all ships are on: http://www.gtp.gr/ (Ferry Schedules). You then go to the web site of the shipping company being chosen, and you may book & pre-pay your ticket, online.
• You then have to arrive in Rafina 30 minutes before departure, to withdraw your ticket with the voucher you printed.
• You may also find a ship leaving from the other harbor of Athens, Piraeus, but it is not so close from the Airport. Also, there are less ships from Piraeus to Tinos, and the trip will be longer, because of the distance.
• Once in the harbor of Tinos, Hora, you are only 20 kilometers away from Panormos.
• To reach Panormos, you may take a bus with KTEL (timetable: http://www.kteltinou.gr/ or a cab.
• Once we know better about the arrivals, we may organize this last part. The last miles towards paradise…


• It includes: room (8 nights), breakfasts (8), diners (8), dance, teaching, and the day to Panormos, (visits, transport, guides, lunch)






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