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Macedonian Accordion Music Seminar
30 Apr 2014 - 5 May 2014
Castelfidardo - Italy - Hotel Parco.

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Macedonian Accordion Music Seminar


30th April to 5th May 2014
Castelfidardo, Italy

The 2014 GORAN ALACHKI Accordion Event, organized by Elke Ahrenholz, has been designed along the lines of the very successful annual Event, hold in Macedonia

Location: 4 star Hotel Parco in beautiful Castelfidardo, Italy

Cost: 880 Euro per accordionist, 700 Euro for non-players

What is included:

· 5 nights lodging
· 3 meals daily
· Sightseeing in the Castelfidardo area
· A visit to the Castelfidardo Accordion Museum
· Daily accordion work / Evening activities
· Some participants can sign for INDIVIDUAL classes
· Final concert by Goran Alachki
· We will focusing on Macedonian traditional music & music inspired from our tradition and the subject "Accordion in Macedonian music"(small lecture).
· We will explore our Rhythm : 5/8 7/8 9/8 11/8 19/8 with specific exemplars , song and dances in my live performances and also I have two short movies to present ( 10 min each)
· We will make huge orchestra and we will work group classes.Two hours in the morning and two classes afternoon. I will prepare in advance the materials...
· Most compositions will be from Goran Alachki´s last cd and book. Every participant will receive one book and double CD .

A maximum of 50 accordionists can participate Registration deadline: 15 March 2014

For additional information or to register:
please contact Elke Ahrenholz eahrenholz@me.com
Tel 0039-329-0578757, Fax: 0039-071-7825335

"Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar"
International School of Macedonian Traditional Folk Music
SKOPJE MACEDONIA e-mail: info@goranalachki.com
www.macedonianfolk.com www.goranalachki.com
Macedonian Pearl Folk Seminar

Goran Alacki

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