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7 Jul 2011 - 12 Jul 2011

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The aim of the Festival is for all nations group, individual groups, Students organization to come together and show their Country Cultural Heritage and promote of Culture and tradition of all nations of the world through dancing, Folk music and Costumes to one another.
This Festival we give knowledge to strengthen international contact and cultural awareness , making cooperative and friendly relations among ensembles on an international level.

This Festival have a Competition for interested groups who wish to show their profession performers and no competitive groups who wish to present their heritage only, no age limit. In this festival, every one can participate collectives of different genres: academic and folk choirs, vocal groups, soloists, choreographic collectives, soloists of folk and modern dance, orchestras and string, wind and folk ensembles, folk groups and others. The Festival is an important meeting occasion for the appreciation and the socio-cultural and tourist promotion of the area, an occasion to examine closely new cultures in order to better understand our differences, and create friendships and international collaborations.

The Festival serves as a platform for promotion and popularisation of contemporary art processes. Our basic tasks are to promote and integrate local contemporary art processes in the international art scene, to collect, update and disseminate information about contemporary art, as well as to develop an open-minded critically thinking environment, thus stimulating interchange between art and society.

Each Group Leader's have to make an open introduction of their Group and nations of Heritage Follow by national Athens, Street Parade and dancing which will be observed by audience attention, Each group Ensemble are expected to perform for atleast 10-30 mins in the stage.

The Participants group's will have the opportunities to know their host town Historical places by visiting Tour centers.

Participant's will enjoy their present in the host Country with grate Hospitalities of the people.

3star Hotel 120euro per person

youth Hostel 100Euro per person

Pension House 80Euro per person


stan atekha

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