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6th National competition ‘Golden Crook’
25 Apr 2009
Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts, Kotel, Bulgaria

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6th National competition ‘Golden Crook’

The 6th National Competition "Golden Crook" will take place on the 25 April 2009 in the town of Kotel under the patronage of the chairman of the school trustees Mr. Parush Nedelchev, the Methodic Union for Bulgarian Dances and Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts at the town of Kotel, Municipality of Kotel.

The competition is an annual celebration of the unique, eternal and self-sufficient resources of the variety of the Bulgarian dances. The success of the former competitions put frames to its main aims: give motivation to young performers to preserve and develop folklore dances, to become a place of exchange of newly methodics of the modern education of folklore performers. It’s target is to find, support and protect talented children.

For further details for the regulations of the competition and a subscriber’s application form please visit the site of Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts at the town of Kotel.


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