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DANCES FROM LESVOS and ASIA MINOR : 12 days in the Aegean sea
4 Jul 2009 - 15 Jul 2009
LESVOS Island (Greece) and ESKI FOCA (Turkey)

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DANCES FROM LESVOS and ASIA MINOR : 12 days in the Aegean sea

From Aeolida to Ionia… from Plomari to Phocaea !

Asia Minor’s traditions are, of course, a constitutive element of today’s Greece as a whole, but in the North Aegean, and especially on Lesvos, these traditions are still part of people’s daily life and mentality, as is shown by their language, music, dances, and even their literature. That’s why Lesvos is said to be part and parcel of Asia Minor.

Based for the second year running in Plomari, we’ll continue our journey on the steps of dance and music. The town of Plomari, on the southern green slopes of mount Olymbos, keeps alive numerous traditions. The difficult winding road which leads to it keeps it isolated, still, from the rest of the island. These traditions are to be seen in the culture of the olive tree, the production of olive oil and ouzo, but also in the language – the characteristic local dialect –, in the music and the songs – the famous Plomari’s satirical distichs –, and of course in the dances.

This year, continuing last year’s experience, we’ll spend part of our program in the historical Asia Minor, on the shores of today’s Turkey. We’ll have as our base the ancient Phocea, a peaceful town on the Aegean seashore, the former home town of Marseilles’ Greeks, midway between Aeolida and Ionia. In music and in dancing, but also in literature, we’ll look for Asia Minor’s memories and traditions so as to relive them from within.

At each stopping place, a whole word will come to life :

Mytilene, Ayvalik, Pergamos, Phocaea, Smyrna, Erythrea, Plomari, Sigri, Antissa, Skalohori,...

memory and traditions : Dances, music, literature, history, sightseeing trips
This Second Meeting will begin Saturday morning, July 4, in Mytilene-town, and end in Plomari, Wednesday, July 15, at 1 p.m.
We’ll spend six days with Phocaea (Eski Foça in Turkey) as our base, and six days on Lesvos Island (Greece) with Plomari as our base !

The program will include daily dance classes, taught by specialists in Asia Minor dancing, and will be enriched by numerous trips and visits.
The price of 880€ includes:
o 11 nights (breakfast included)
o 11 meals (lunch or dinner, depending on the schedule of the day)
o Dance lessons (5 hours a day) with Greek and Turkish instructors
o Literature and history lectures
o Dance and music in the evenings with local orchestras
o Coach at our disposal while in Turkey
o Admittance to archeological sites and museums
o Boat trip to and from Turkey

Add 160 € to the above price if you prefer a room by yourself.
For people who wish to register, but without attending the dance classes, the price will be 720 euros

Program Coordinators Vaggelis Tsaganos and Giorgos Kostakiotis

Maryse FABRE

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