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11 юли 2016 - 18 юли 2016
Czech Republic / Italy

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XIV. International festival for children and youth „Czech Fairy Tale“

XIV. International festival for children and youth „Czech Fairy Tale“
Festival of choreographic groups: classical dance (ballroom dancing), folk dance (including ethnic and historical-social), stylized folk dance, vaudeville dance, vaudeville-sports dance, modern directions, ballet, theater, fashion, etc....

12. 7. 2016 Premysl Otakar II. Square, Ceske Budejovice
14. 7. 2016 Masaryk Square, Trebon
16. 7. 2016 Rimini

Eva Cechurova
Фолклорен туризъм
18 юли 2016 - 28 юли 2016
Giannitsa, Central Macedonia, Greece

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Pella Project

Pella is the center of the ancient Macedonian kingdom where one of the most famous Greeks born, Alexander the Great. Through the ages Pella was influenced of many different cultures (Roman, Byzantine, Gothic, Slavic, Ottoman and other) while in 1923 Greeks from around Balkans and Asia Minor established here.
This mosaic of different Greek cultures makes this part of Central Macedonia in the Northern Greece one of the most interesting places with reference to traditional dances and music in Greece.
In the villages around the town of Giannitsa we find a variety of Greek traditions: Macedonian, Pontian, Thracian, Vlach, Cappadocian, Western Asia Minor and other
During the ten days of "Pella Project" we will visit many villages to learn their tradition, listen their music, dance their dances and feast with the locals! Every morning Kyriakos Moisidis and local specialists will teach the dances of each specific village while in the evening the villagers will prepare for us a traditional festival with live music. On the top of this we will visit the most important archeological and other sites of the area
All land transportation relevant to and during the Pella Project will be for free.
Breakfast and dinner will be offered.
The hotel where we will stay at is the "Hotel Pella" (http://www.hotelpella.gr/).
Each participant will receive upon his arrival a packet with pertinent information regarding the dances, songs and customs to be presented as well as a music CD and
T-shirt with the seminar logo
First come first served

Kyriakos Moisidis
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