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Северна Македония
24 юни 2016 - 26 юни 2016

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Goran Alachki accordion workshop

The idea and the goal

The idea and the purpose of the “Krusevo Workshop” is the city of Krusevo, especially the memorial house of Toshe Proeski to grow into a regional cultural centre for education in the field of art.
In June 2015 we organized the first workshop in Krusevo with the Macedonian music legend, the guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski. It went extremely successful with over 70 participants worldwide. Тhis will be the second edition of our workshop and will be organized with the Macedonian virtuoso on accordion Goran Alachki. In the years to follow similar workshops will follow attended by recognized and renowned artists from Macedonia and from all over the world.
The workshops are intended for all young people from the region who, in the Memorial house of Toshe Proeski, will have the rare opportunity and chance to meet, to learn from or improve their skills learning from established “masters in their own field” in different arts.

Goran Alacki
24 юни 2016 - 28 май 2016

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Meeting the world cultures \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Thessaloniki-Interantional Folk Festival\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Choir Festivals
Ε.U. Projects
International Folk Dance Festival
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Meeting the World Cultures\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
24-28 June 2016
Thessaloniki Greece
The Festival is organized by Association of Harilaou.

Terms of participation
1.Place of the Festival
Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. The festival will take place in Thessaloniki and near by places.
The festival is open to folk dance groups (no age limit)
Other kind of dance or music groups can be accepted after agreement
Performances will be of 10 -30 minutes
The Organisation committee will choose the groups will participate. For the evaluation of groups you must sent
Information for group
Dvd or youtube links
The attached application form completed
5.Gift Exchanges
Each participant group will receive dipolomas.
6 .Arrival and Departure
Your group must arrive in Thessaloniki on Friday 24/6/2016
Departure will take place on 28/6/2016 after breakfast.
If you want to stay less or more days we arrange accordingly

For full conditions and application forms please contact us.

Efi Proikou
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