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1 юни 2015 - 8 юни 2015
Sunny Beach

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International Folklore Festival "Na megdana"

The festival is with competitive character:
1st place- 500 euro
2nd place- 300 euro
3rd place- 200 euro

The accommodations are in major sea resort of Bulgaria- Sunny Beach. Accommodation costs are 20 EUR per person/per day with included breacfast and dinner in 3 and 4 star hotels.

You can choose how long you would like to stay:
- during the whole festival - 1.06-8.06
- only on the concert days- 4.06-8.06
- more than the festival days
Your presence is necessary on the days of the concerts( 5.06/ 6.06/ 7.06).

For more information contact us!

Georgica Velikova
2 юни 2015 - 7 юни 2015
Nei Poroi, Pieria region, Greece

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III.International folk dance&music festival ''PIERIA FEST 2015''

☼ Organizers of the International Folk Dance&Music Festival ’’PIERIA FEST 2015.’’ are local municipalities of Pieria and organizing team MyFolkFest from Belgrade, Serbia, supported by TA Prima Plus, Nis, Serbia.
☼ Festival is competitive and is open for all groups, no age limit. Winners will be awarded by special cups and medals.
☼ Propositions of the festival competition will be sent to groups later. Competition part of the festival is not obligatory, only for groups that apply. All other groups take part in the review night.
☼ There will be few winning categories: best performance-dancing, best orchestra-music, best choir-singing, best costumes, audience award.
☼ Each group will get diploma for the participation to the festival, as well as DVD from the festival after the festival is finished.
☼ Every group will get official brochure of the festival with the presentation of the participating groups, in English.
☼ Groups will have two performances - in Pieria region (Nei Poroi or Platamonas) and Larissa town. Also a short defile walking (parade). Each group has to prepare 10-12 min. of quality program. Performances are on the open air stages, wooden and concrete, 10mx10m. In case of bad weather indoor performances.
☼ For a performance in Larissa, organizers provide a petrol (fuel) for your busses. It is a 60km distance in one direction.
☼ It is not necessary to have live music / using playback-CD is allowed.
☼ The group has to bring its national flag and board with the group name for the parade.
☼ Accommodation of participating groups is organized in the 3 star family hotels in Nei Poroi and Platamonas, near the beach, in apartments and studios with 3 and 4 beds, with bathroom, on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner).
☼ If the weather is nice for swimming, every group has to take care about their members safety.
☼ Every group must have one English speaking person for official contact during the festival.
☼ Number of participating groups is limited to 12, and each group must not exceed number of 50 members.
☼ The groups have to organize their travel to and from Nei Poroi, Platamonas.
☼ For the groups that are coming with their own bus there is a free parking place in the hotel area.
☼ The groups are recommended to have insurance policy for all their members.
☼ If group needs visa, it is responsibility of the group to arrange it! Organizers can only give invitation letter to groups and can not interfere to visa issuing process and make extra contacts to embassies.
☼ Application form, together with 2-3 group photos and short biography, should be sent to myfolkfest@gmail.com.
☼ Visit our FB page for more images, https://www.facebook.com/pages/IntPieria-fest-Nei-Poroi/247290538798353.


Festival conditions

Dragana Mirkovic
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18 апр 2023
НДК, зала 1
XVII Международен Фолклорен Фестивал "Гергьовско веселие"
4 май 2023 - 7 май 2023
кв. Кремиковци, София

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