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Bulgarian singer Ana-Maria started singing when she was only five. Ever since her childhood she has been an object of media interest which still follows closely her development. She is called “the president's little singer” because she has taken part in all government concerts – she has performed before Gorbachev, Mitterrand and Fidel Castro. After graduating the musical school in Shiroka Luka, Ana-Maria was already a professional singer and on her way to conquering the world stage. There followed participations in “Izvorche” ensemble, Peace Flag Assembly and “Filip Kutev” ensemble, where she also made her first radio recordings.

She went to Korea where she met her future husband (a Frenchman). Two months later, after a very successful tour in Japan, she went to Paris where she married and remained for four years. During these years she had a baby boy, was granted French citizenship and made a lot of contacts. Her nostalgia for folklore made her come back to Bulgaria by winning a contest in the folklore ensemble “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices”. In the meantime she met Neshko Neshev together they founded the “Folk Dynasty” Formation.

After leaving “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices” Ana-Maria completely devoted her life to her individual career. She has taken part in all concerts of Folk Dynasty, won 12 national first prizes and three international first prizes and defined by the critics as Bulgaria 's young star. Ana-Maria decided to take the road of a professional singer when she and Neshko Neshev founded Folk Dynasty, where she had the chance to show her best as a singer. She has sung in more than 27 countries, among which USA, Japan, Brazil, Korea and France.

Wherever she appeared her performances were always met with loud a pplause. The experience gathered in the elite ensembles and formations in which she took part was transferred with new strength to Folk Dynasty, where she developed a program unlike any other in the whole world. She is the sole producer and organizer of the concerts of the group.
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