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An online shop for folklore music (CD and DVD), Bulgarian traditional costumes, souvenirs, books and learner’s books for Bulgarian language, icons, carpets from Chiprovtsi and other articles connected to Balkan folklore.

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Bulgarian folk dances - Balkanfolk 2007
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There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club
There is a magic which has conserved the ancient spirit in our lands, which has kept us together as a nation during the dark days in our millenary history. A magic which is still alive today – the magic of the Bulgarian folklore.

4 September 2020 - Petkovo, Municipality of Elin Pelin, Bulgaria

• Mezdra will host the First National Folklore Festival "Hortseto na defileto"
• New song by Iva Davidova - "Mario, cherko"
• Admission of students to the National School of Dance Arts
• Bulgarian music in the world music platforms
• "TOGETHER 2020" with the Trakia and Strandzha Ensembles

Picture Galleries
Kremikovtsi Dance Ensemble, Sofia Atanas Manchev Folklore Ensemble , Burgas - photos and video There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club
Kremikovtsi Dance Ensemble, Sofia
Kremikovtzi Dance Ensemble was established in 1974. Artistic director of the ensemble is Valentina Kitova.

The repertoire of the Kremikovtzi Ensemble includes the dances "Shopska Suitа", "Kremikovski Igri", "Severnyashki tants", "Lazarki", "Srednogorki", "Kukeri".
"Obshtobalgarska rachenitsa", "Momtsi trakiitsi", "Folklorna vartelezhka", "Sreshti", "Komitsko libe", "Gergyovden", "Kukli", "Koledari", "Po polyata na Dorbrudzha", "Na megdana", "Pirinki".

Video and photos from the participation of the Kremikovtzi Ensemble in the Folk Dance Panorama organized by the Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation.

2 October 2020

The Download category includes folklore songs and instrumental melodies performed by different folklore singers and musicians.
Top Mp3
Kamishitsa Zornitsa Orchestra 2131
Prala Nachka Zornitsa Orchestra 1706
Trite pati Zornitsa Orchestra 1615
Svatbarska rachenitsa Zornitsa Orchestra 1374
Dunavsko horo Zornitsa Orchestra 1116

Free Mp3
Chula te mama, Rado le Rumyana Dimitrova, Zhivka Kirilova
Varnensko horo Zornitsa Orchestra
Trite pati Zornitsa Orchestra
Krivo horo Zornitsa Orchestra
Mari Stoyne Rumyana Dimitrova, Zhivka Kirilova

  "Ayde na horoto!" (Join the horo)
Balkanfolk’s donation initiative for Bulgarian cultural houses

In honor of 24 May – the Day of Slavonic alphabet and Bulgarian enlightenment and culture Balkanfolk donates 5 Bulgarian folklore music CDs to every Bulgarian cultural house.

List of Bulgarian Cultural House
List of Bulgarian Cultural House by Regions

Directory of groups and organizations using music legally Balkanfolk

Glavinishko horo / Zornitsa Orchestra
Bulgarian folk dance from Thracian ethnographic area. 11/8 Time signature.

  Atelier for Folklore Costumes

Atelier for manufacturing folklore costumes: production of males, women's and children's folk costumes (narodni nosii) from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

Find concerts, festivals and other events in Bulgaria and around the world!
"Our Hidden Treasures"
14 Nov 2020
August Wilson African American Cultural Center, Pittsburgh
60 years - Varna Folklore Ensemble
21 Nov 2020
Palace of Culture and Sports Varna
Folklore and the city - Festive anniversary concert
5 Dec 2020
Russian Cultural Information Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Workshop for Balkan Folklore Balkanfolk ,

Dance, Play, Sing, Have Fun at Balkanfolk Workshop!

Balkanfolk workshop is a meeting of participants from around the world. Admirers of the Balkan folklore will experience the culture, traditions and customs of the Balkan countries and the beauty of Bulgaria.

Find here some photos of: Balkanfolk 2006, Balkanfolk 2007, Balkanfolk 2008, Balkanfolk 2009, Balkanfolk 2010,

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