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An online shop for folklore music (CD and DVD), Bulgarian traditional costumes, souvenirs, books and learner’s books for Bulgarian language, icons, carpets from Chiprovtsi and other articles connected to Balkan folklore.

Due to the current global situation with Covid-19 we are temporary unable to deliver outside Bulgaria.
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Bulgarian folk dances - Balkanfolk 2007
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Balkanfolk donated folk music from its catalog to dance groups from the Taraclia region
Balkanfolk donated to three dance groups from the Taraclia region certificates with permission for public use of musical compositions from its catalog for a period of five years. The donation was handed over to the leaders of the dance ensembles by the choreographer, the teacher at the Music College in the town of Tvarditsa, seconded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria Marina Bankova-Rashkova.

16 May 2022 - Taraclia, Republic of Moldova

• Today begins the International Festival "St. George's Fun"
• Zornitsa Orchestra in Spotify
• "The Dances of the Bulgarian" - Concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Kiril Dzhenev
• Folklore festival "Veselie v Elena" (Joy in Elena)
• Grandmother Marta, traditional Bulgarian custom (Baba Marta)

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Samokov women's costume Dance ensemble "Naiden Kirov" from Ruse 30 years ago. Folk dance ensemble "Sofia 6" 29 years ago
Samokov women's costume
The latest in the catalog of Balkanfolk Folk Costume Studio is the women's Samokov costume with code BF 120530. The set includes: embroidered long shirt, dress, apron and belt. You can order the costume on our website at: www.balkanfolk.com . To order 10 or more sets you can contact us to reduce the price.
10 May 2022

The Download category includes folklore songs and instrumental melodies performed by different folklore singers and musicians.
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Srednogorska kopanitsa Zornitsa Orchestra 20294
Djinovsko Zornitsa Orchestra 17665
Gankino horo Zornitsa Orchestra 17032
Vlashko horo Zornitsa Orchestra 16422
Pazardjishka kopanitsa Zornitsa Orchestra 15565

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Srednogorska kopanitsa Zornitsa Orchestra
Ratsinata Zornitsa Orchestra
Krivo horo Zornitsa Orchestra
Buchimish Zornitsa Orchestra
Trite pati Zornitsa Orchestra

  "Ayde na horoto!" (Join the horo)
Balkanfolk’s donation initiative for Bulgarian cultural houses

In honor of 24 May – the Day of Slavonic alphabet and Bulgarian enlightenment and culture Balkanfolk donates 5 Bulgarian folklore music CDs to every Bulgarian cultural house.

List of Bulgarian Cultural House
List of Bulgarian Cultural House by Regions

Directory of groups and organizations using music legally Balkanfolk

The rich collection of BalkanFolk with music for folk dances from all regions.
Learn how to use Balkanfolk music for free.
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"Varnenski tantsi" choreography: Yordan Yanakiev, music: Kosta Kolev performance: State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances "Philip Kutev"

  Atelier for Folklore Costumes

Atelier for manufacturing folklore costumes: production of males, women's and children's folk costumes (narodni nosii) from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

Find concerts, festivals and other events in Bulgaria and around the world!
13th festival "With dances of the Aegean"
17 Jun 2022 - 20 Jun 2022
National Festival of Folk Dances "Trakiiska broenitsa" 2022
25 Jun 2022
Konstantin Velichkov Square, Pazardzhik
National Festival of Groups for Folk Dances "Petrovsko Nadigravane"
25 Jun 2022
Yagodovo village, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria
"The Dances of the Bulgarian" - Concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Kiril Dzhenev
28 Jun 2022
National Palace of Culture, Hall 1
Traditional Folk Dance from MACEDONIA - SASHKO ANASTASOV
25 Jul 2022 - 4 Aug 2022
Krushevo and Ohrid, North Macedonia
Macedonian Pearl Folk Seminar 2022
30 Jul 2022 - 9 Aug 2022
Berovo & Vladimirovo
International Folklore Festival "Folklore Source" 2022
3 Aug 2022 - 7 Aug 2022
Tsarevets village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district
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Workshop for Balkan Folklore Balkanfolk ,

Dance, Play, Sing, Have Fun at Balkanfolk Workshop!

Balkanfolk workshop is a meeting of participants from around the world. Admirers of the Balkan folklore will experience the culture, traditions and customs of the Balkan countries and the beauty of Bulgaria.

Find here some photos of: Balkanfolk 2006, Balkanfolk 2007, Balkanfolk 2008, Balkanfolk 2009, Balkanfolk 2010,

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