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Chemise d’homme de Mésie (severnyashka)

Costumes traditionnels
Women skirt from North Bulgaria (brachnik)

Costumes traditionnels
Apron from North Bulgaria


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15 Jui 2009 - 30 Aoû 2009
Halkıdıkı - GREECE

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Because technology has made man arrogant and egocentric.
Because we think that environmental education does not work when man face environment authoritatively.
Because the "Nature-Animals-Man" triptych must retain a balance
Because man can never realize the fact that man and environment are interdependent by means of words but by experience and actions. This is the reason why we created "Once upon a time"
At its live folklore workshops you will see nature, man, animals in an interdependent harmonic and balanced relationship.
At "Once upon a time" you will see no dead exhibition areas.
You will experience live tradition, a fairytale-like reality, a game of tradition and life, of nature, man, animals, in as ideal relationship.


Arif Sönmez
5 Aoû 2009 - 17 Aoû 2009
village of LEMOS, PRESPES LAKES (Greece)

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A region rich in history and traditions. Traditional dances in this part of Macedonia are still alive and we have many opportunities to join the residents of the neighbouring villages and share with them the happiness in dancing their own dances..
The program presents facets of traditional dance and music from various regions of Greece...
- Western and Central Macedonia, Drama, Serres : with Yannis Konstantinou and 3 other dancers
- Anatoliki Romilia/Thrace (Vana, Black sea) with Apostolis Skrekas
- Islands : of Naxos with Popi & Andreas Skoulaxinos, of Kalymnos with Anna Mavrou
- Konitsa, VlaXika, Pilio with Thanassis Veas
- Ionia and songs of Thessaly with Xara Alesta
- Minor Asia and Cappadocia with Xristos Theologos
- Thesprotia and songs with Kostas Mitsis,
Participation of local musicians, local festivities, sightseeings, ...

Price for the 12 days (full pension in hotel ***, pedagogy, transportations linked to activities, various) = 800,- euros/person .. but ALL arrangements are possible !(camping, half-pension, ..)

infos on the hotel/the region : http://www.mimallones.com

Yannis Konstantinou, organizer :
yankost@otenet.gr - home +30 2385 500 422 - mobile +30 944 946 227

contact in the US :
mobile +1 415 272 4641 - Fax. +1 415 332 8910

contact in France :
home +33 1 46 27 92 04 - work +33 1 56 60 47 51 - fax. +33 1 56 60 47 06

Maryse FABRE
11 Aoû 2009 - 17 Aoû 2009

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5.International Folk Dance Festival Bursa

International Folkdance Festival will be held for the fifth time in BURSA,between 11-17 August 2009.We want to see and host your group in our festival.

Please contact with us for the details..

13 Aoû 2009 - 17 Aoû 2009

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V International Folklore Festival Pirot 2009.


The Center of culture Pirot organizes the Folk Festival for already four years within the manifestation “Cultural summer of Pirot”.
Last year participation in the Festival was taken by: Folklore ensemble "PASTRINA" from Bulgaria, Folklore ensemble"MEGARA" from Megara – Greece, Folklore ensemble "TIMISUL" from Temisoara – Romania, Folklore ensemble "TINE ROŽANC" from Lublana – Slovenia, Folklore ensemble "KOSOVSKI BOŽUR" from Kosovska Mitrovica, Folklore ensemble "SITAN VEZ" from Lopase near Trstenik alongside with the Folklore ensemble of the Center of culture from Pirot.
The Festival lasted for 5 days (from 13th till 17th of August). During the Festival, each day in afternoon hours there were parades in the town streets, and in the evening hours there were concerts of all participatns in the town’s square.
These parades and concerts were viewed by 10.000 spectators.
The Festival has a review character and its purpose is to bring together peoples and cultures of participating countries through dance, song and good time.
This year’s Festival is planned to be held from 13th till 17th of August 2009. Eight folklore ensembles from the country and abroad with a total of 280 participants are intended to take part.
The media coverage for the Festival is to be provided by the National TV (“RTS”) and local media (TV PIROT, RTV TANUKI, weekly magazine "Sloboda"...), and „FOLKLORE MAGAZINE“ from Belgrade.
All additional information can be found on our web page: www.dkpirot.com
Contact person: Borivoje Stojanović, choreographer
Address: Dom kulture Pirot, Srpskih vladara Street 77, 18300 Pirot, Serbia
Telephone/fax: +381 10 321 666;
Telephone: +381 10 313 972
E-mail: dkpirot@yahoo.com
WEB: www.dkpirot.com

Borivoje Stojanovic
18 Aoû 2009 - 1 Sep 2009
West Makedonia, Greece

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10th tour-seminar of greek dance

Ten years have passed since Kyriakos Moisidis first began his traditional Greek dance conferences. This 10th Anniversary year will consequently be even more special and celebratory than the previous years. Classes by local teachers and specialists in traditional dance, costume and song will be shared during the two sessions of the seminar. The structure of this year’s seminar will be in two parts offered either separately or together.

The first ten-day long session will take place August 18-27, 2009. We will travel to Western Macedonia, encompassing the towns of Edessa, Siatista and Veroia which will serve as the residential bases where the classes will be held. From these towns we will travel to 3 – 4 surrounding villages where we will be entertained nightly with musical celebrations and participatory dancing with the local inhabitants. A wonderful opportunity to delve into regional traditions as a living and daily entity. We will partake in the traditional cuisines that will be offered by the women of the villages and watch presentations of their traditional dress. We will sing their local songs and dance the dances found in their village alongside them. We will have a singular opportunity to discover the varieties of the cultural groups that inhabit the villages close to Aridaia, Giannitsa, Florina, Kozani, Siatista Grevena, Pieria Mountains, Roumlouki, as well as the Thracian and Pontian refugee villages found in the surrounding areas. Lastly, we will also visit the local museums and the archeological sites of Vergina and Pella.

The second four-day long session will take place August 28 – September 1, 2009. The remainder of the seminar will take us to the island of Ammouliani located off the coast of Mount Athos Peninsula. Here, we will review the previous session’s dances and songs, and continue drawing on the knowledge of those who will share their life and experiences with us. This part of the seminar gives us the unique opportunity for all of us to enjoy not only what was and will be learned, but to enjoy the beaches and scenery of the island.

Kyriakos Moisidis
République Tchèque
19 Aoû 2009 - 26 Aoû 2009
Prague. Czech Republic

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International children’s and youth musical art festival

Company Pitagross invites you to take part in an International musical youth and children’s festivals, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

In festivals can participate collectives of different genres: Academic and folk choirs, vocal groups, soloists, choreographic collectives, soloists of folk and modern dance, orchestras and string, wind and folk ensembles, folk groups and others.

During the festival every collective gets an opportunity to present their contest program and to get an international diploma. Festival’s judges are honored figures of the Czech culture, teachers of leading musical and choreographic institutes of Prague.

Don’t be hesitating to ask questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards,
Pitagross s.r.o.

Pitagross s.r.o.
22 Aoû 2009 - 27 Aoû 2009
Halkidiki - GREECE

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I.Intern. Gogakou Folkdance & Folkmusic Festıval..

Dear Frıends of Culture,
It's great honour for us to invite you
to Greece,prefecture of Skıoni...
I.ınternatıonal meeting of Chıldren and Youth Folkdance and Folk musıc Ensembles..
Arif Sönmez

Contact: turkei_iov@yahoo.com

Anatolıan folk Dance Group

Arif Sönmez
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