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18 Jui 2008 - 31 Jui 2008

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Balkanfolk 2008 - Séminaire de danses folkloriques, musique et chant

Séminaire de danse folklorique, de musique et de chant Balkanfolk 2008 est 11e Atelier de folklore balkanique.

Dans le cadre du programme de Balkanfolk 2008 sont inclus les cours suivants:
- danses folkloriques bulgares
- danses folkloriques serbes
- grec danses folkloriques

des instruments de musique traditionnels:
cornemuse, kaval, dvoyanka, doudouk, gadoulka, tamboure, tapan, tarambouka) et accordéon (musique bulgare et serbe),

et le chant bulgare langue bulgare.

Pour de plus amples informations et inscription, visiter à: Atelier site

Balkanfolk Team
18 Jui 2008 - 27 Jui 2008
Didimotiho - Evros, Thrace, Greece

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Greek traditional dances seminar in Greece - Thrace

Didimotiho – Evros, Thrace, Greece.
80 km north of Alexandroupoli city, close to borders between Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The seminar will take place in Didimotiho – Evros – Thrace, in Greece, in a region rich both in history and tradition. Visits and fests with people in villages nearby where tradition is still alive (dances, songs, clothes, cooking). Two excursions will take place in order to see other regions of Thrace where swimming in the sea will be possible.
Departure day will be the 27th of July 2008.

Thrace (Evros)  Ziogas George
North Thrace (Eastern Romilia)  Doropoulos Vangelis
Asia Minor, Northeastern Aegean islands  Kanaryelis John (Yannis)

There will be 4-5 hours of instruction daily and every night music and dancing with the teachers.

Hotel in Didimotiho, in bedrooms with two beds and bathroom, refrigerator, television, air-condition. The hotel also has bar, pool and very good, friendly service. Bedrooms with one bed are also available with an extra charge.

€650 per person. The price includes accommodation with breakfast, dinner, nights with music, two (2) excursions, fests. For those who are not interested in attending the dances training but to participate to the other events, the price will be €550 per person.

Contact for information
1. Maryse: 0033 1 46 27 92 04 (residence) – 0033 1 56 60 47 51 (work)
e-mail: marysefabre@wanadoo.fr
mobile phone: 0033 6 81 20 73 79

2. Zoi: 0030 6944770915 (all day)

3. John (Yannis) Kanaryelis:
e-mail: john_kanaryelis@yahoo.gr

For those interested in attending the seminar please call to entry until 20 March 2008, the latest.

John Kanaryelis
19 Jui 2008 - 24 Jui 2008

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ANTIOC Folk Dance Festival

Dear Friends,

Antakya Dance Academi and IOV-Intern.Festıvals Comm. Member of Turkey will organıse "International Antıoc Cultures, Arts, and Folklore Festival " 19-24 in July 2008.

The committee would like to invite six Folkdance group (adult/young) under the cultural basic exchange conditions.
Our all aim is peace in all over the WORLD.
Arif Sönmez


Arif Sönmez
19 Jui 2008 - 2 Aoû 2008
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgarie

Site internet
11ème festival folklorique international de Veliko Tarnovo

Le onzième festival international de folklore Veliko Tarnovo aura lieu le 19 juillet - 02 août 2008. Comme organisateurs de la manifestation, nous avons l'ambition d'enrichir les participants de la liste avec des ensembles de nombreuses cultures et origines ethniques.

Le Festival est dit à l'un des plus grands forums internationaux sur le folklore des Balkans. Il s'agit d'une gigantesque manifestation nationale de renommée mondiale et une atmosphère unique.

Veliko Tarnovo Le festival international de folklore a été accordé le statut d'un festival du CIOFF / Conseil international des organisateurs de festivals de folklore et d'arts traditionnels à l'UNESCO /.

Date limite pour l'envoi de matériel promotionnel et les formulaires d'inscription pour la participation - 31.01.2008.

Mor pour information: www.folklorefest.com

Balkanfolk Calendar
20 Jui 2008 - 25 Aoû 2008
childrens folk camp

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Once upon a time


In a small village of Kassandra, we have created "Once upon a time", with much artistic feeling and love for children and man, tradition, nature and life...

"Once upon a time...
Means holidays and relaxation! Entertainment and action! Daring and adventure! A live fairytale-like reality...

In a ravine where holly, myrtles, arbutuses rove their braches. At a place where nightingales compose their musical symphonies In a valley whose boundaries are set by pine clad mountainsides.
Near the unique natural spring of Kassandra "Patatlaka", where gurgling waters spring from the heart of the mountain...
...at a place with a climate that can be compared to no other. At New Skioni, located at the peninsula of Kassandra in the prefecture of Halkidiki, only 1 km from the northeastern part of the picturesque village. All tradition gathered in this valley which seems as if untouched by time; however you will discover that time here is never enough if you want to see everything.
With the initiative of Dimitra Papachristodoulou - Gogakou, educator by profession, who wanted to give sound principles to her children - pupils and dreamt of a live folklore workshop, we created "Once upon a time..." with much artistic feeling and love for children and man, tradition nature and life.
Children are approximately the same age, forming small groups with an older person us their team leader, stay in small modern houses.
Experienced educators and trainers have prepared special programs concerning entertainment, creative and athletic activities.
Special care to the health of children, offered 24 hours a day by a doctor or a nurse.


Because technology has made man arrogant and egocentric.
Because we think that environmental education does not work when man face environment authoritatively.
Because the "Nature-Animals-Man" triptych must retain a balance
Because man can never realize the fact that man and environment are interdependent by means of words but by experience and actions. This is the reason why we created "Once upon a time"
At its live folklore workshops you will see nature, man, animals in an interdependent harmonic and balanced relationship.
At "Once upon a time" you will see no dead exhibition areas.
You will experience live tradition, a fairytale-like reality, a game of tradition and life, of nature, man, animals, in as ideal relationship.

Contact :Mr.Arif Sönmez - turkei_iov@yahoo.com
Web sıte:www.gogakou.gr

once upon a time
Traditional village
Traditional programmes

Arif Sönmez
21 Jui 2008 - 27 Jui 2008
Ozdere, Izmir

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15th International Cultures, Arts and Folklore Festival

Municipality of Ozdere, Izmir - Turkey will organıse "15th International Cultures, Arts, Sports and Folklore Festival" 3th week in July 2008.

For contact: Arif Sönmez
IOV - Intern. Festıvals Comm. Member of Turkey


Arif Sönmez
21 Jui 2008 - 31 Jan 2008
GREECE Western Macedonia : Prespa Lake region

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Seminar BALKAN MUSICS and DANCES in Greece (Macedonia)

In a region rich both in history and traditions .. in the village of LEMOS near Prespa Lake (natural border between Albania, Fyrom/ex-Yu.Republic of Mac., and Greece). Program :
- Dances lessons with teachers from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia ...
- Workshops with Instruments : Accordeon, Klarino, Drums, Violin (Albania)
Information : Yannis KONSTANTINOU - tel. 0030 6 944 946 227
Maryse FABRE - tel. 0033 1 46 27 92 04 or 0033 6 81 20 73 79

Maryse FABRE
23 Jui 2008 - 27 Jui 2008
Cork, Irlande

Cork International folk festival de danse

Le Cork International Folk festival de danse a, depuis sa création en 1995, a des troupes de danse folklorique de certains des plus diverses cultures à travers l'Europe et le monde à effectuer à Cork.

En 2005 la ville de Cork est la capitale européenne de la culture. En célébration de l'événement du festival en scène des groupes de pays comme la Bretagne, Canada, Cornwall, Croatie, Danemark, Allemagne, Lituanie, Pologne, Sardaigne, Sicile, Écosse, Pays-Bas et aux Philippines. Visiter irlandais groupes, y compris Siamsa Tire de Tralee, Co. Kerry et Gleann na rí de Co. Kildare.

Cette année, nous avons des groupes d'hôtes de la Géorgie, Hongrie, le Mexique et la Pologne ainsi que des groupes locaux irlandaise de Douglas, Cork et Carrigaline Youghal.

Balkanfolk Calendar
26 Jui 2008

Site internet

Красимир Низамов
27 Jui 2008 - 2 Aoû 2008
Academy of Music, Dance & Fine Arts in Plovdiv

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Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Summer 2008

The website for the 2008 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is now almost complete and contains detailed information about the teachers and daily schedule.

This Seminar is especially designed for non-Bulgarians (or Bulgarians interested in connecting with their "roots" music and dance) who want a more in-depth opportunity to learn traditional instruments, singing styles, and dance than is normally possible for groups or individuals traveling to Bulgaria. This richly unique program couples the knowledge of teachers at the Plovdiv Music Academy with tradition bearers throughout the country. Many classes will be taught by village "masters" from various regions in Bulgaria; the dance program, in particular, features different groups of musicians and dancers throughout the week, teaching dances from their own villages. A Bulgarian language class will also be offered, as well as optional evening social activities.

Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar
July 27, 2008 - August 2, 2008
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


A few things to note since last year’s Seminar:

1) We've added classes in accordion and clarinet that will focus on Bulgarian technique, styling and ornamentation.

2) We've extended the daytime schedule to better accommodate the hugely successful after-lunch folk presentations by revered Bulgarian masters and instrument makers.

Registration can be completed on-line. We are continuing our special 15% discount for EEFC members (this is another great reason to join the EEFC! www.eefc.org ). Students from past years have raved about their experiences at the Seminar. (You can read some of their comments on the website.) Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Larry Weiner
International Program Coordinator
2008 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
10206 Day Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Larry Weiner
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