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19 Jul 2010 - 1 Aug 2010
Naxos Cyclades Greece

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Workshop Seminar Festival, Dances & Music from the Greek Islands, Cyclads, Naxos

A seminar, workshop & festival in the heart of the tradition from the greek islands

From July 19th to August 1st, 2010

Tradition, dance, music, history & culture from the Kyklades

Nikos Kazantzakis, who lives one year in the village of Eggares, in 1896, and where he wrote “Anafora sto Greko”, “Report to El Greco”, another famous Cretan, wrote about Naxos :

“Αν ο παραδεισος ηταν στην γη, θα ηταυ εδω”

“If paradise were on earth, it would be here, in Naxos”

In July 2009, we suggest a festive, musical and cultural seminar in Naxos, the living and vibrating heart of the Kyklades, the very center of the the greek archipelago, the center of the musical and choreographic life for the 30 Kyklades.

After a whole and intense year of preparation, with a strong partnership with the Naxos community, the Council of Drymalias, and the Cultural Associations of the villages, we propose a unique 11-day seminar, in the rhythm of the “νησιωτικα” (“nisiotika”), in the rhythm of the waving, flowing and swaying music from those unique Greek islands.

philippos dellatolas
20 Jul 2010 - 27 Jul 2010

Web Site
International Folk Festival «Un tour du monde à Martigues !»

A round-world trip in Martigues !
The Festival of Martigues, a cultural organization according to the French law, was created in 1989 on the initiative of the local ensemble “La Capouliero”, popular arts and traditions in Provence. La Capouliero, worried to enhance the brilliance of these arts, gave to itself a new challenge: create an unexpected place of expression for all popular cultures.

The success of this new meeting has given to Martigues the dimension to be among the major multicultural stages in Southern Europe. 500 artists from the 5 continents come every year to celebrate the tremendous multi-cultural party with different artistic exchanges.

Dance and Music, two arts strongly linked to each other, have found over the years, the richest and the most original land of expression. The authenticity of cultural minorities has met the fame of national ballets, traditional music has mingled with modern music, the voices of the world have tuned-up on a genuine run-up of creation.

The festival is a wonderful human and citizen adventure. The host families in Martigues open up their front door to welcome the world and its diversity. 450 volunteers are involved every year in order to offer the artists a place in respect with their talents.

Today, the Festival of Martigues has an impact on the contemporary artistic environment. More than ever, the 22nd edition is an invitation to recognize yourself through others, a journey in the heart of traditions, a happy and coloured cruising, a round-world trip in Martigues.

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