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12 Dec 2010
Sofia Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

Ensemble Svetlina - Sofia - 70 Birthday Concert

Ensemble Svetlina - Sofia - 70 Birthday Concert.
Sofia Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

14 Dec 2010
National Palace of Culture (NDK), Sofia, Bulgaria

" Koupon', Gala Evening.

On December 14 in Sofia - Hall 1, National Palace of Culture (NDK), at 1930, the music and dance formation "Neshanal Art" will celebrate 10 years of work for a show specially created for this gala evening.

For 10 years, the Neshka Robeva ensemble decided to celebrate it's 30th anniversary with the gala performance called "coupon" - Party.
The performance will be divided into two parts.The first one will include an emblem of dances from the previous shows -"Two Worlds," "Destiny," "Ready?", "Ram", "Refugees" and " Vidritsa''. In the second part, a lot of humour, joking and rivalry with sparks flying, expressing the moods and preferences of the dancers, will be shown to celebrate this anniversary. The two segments are separated by a short 10-minute documentary about moments in the history of the troupe.

"Coupon" impresses with its variety of dances, the talent of the dancers and an exceptional energy and mood. !

14 Dec 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria

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Christmas Concert - Ensemble Balkan

Ensemble Balkan organizes Christmas concert, which seeks to greet their friends, relatives and admirers and to remind them of the coming holidays.

Feel the spirit and magic of Christmas and New Year together with all the participants . Expect many surprises and good humor for all!

Tickets can be bought on site - 6 EUR

December 14, 2010
Osvobojdenie Cinema "- Sofia
(Trade Union of Transport Workers' House)
"Maria Luiza" No. 106

Boris Dimitrov
18 Dec 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria

Christmas charity concert

On 18 December at the Maison de la culture Transport Workers Union, Sofia, Bul "Princess Maria Luisa 106/18.00 , a Christmas charity concert will be organized by Association of dancers.
Some of the funds will be donated to the choreographer Zdravko Daskalov to support the activities of dance groups of the association.
A part of groups and ensembles from the Association of dancers will attend.

20 Dec 2010
Hall of the municipality of Yambol

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Christmas concert of "Rombana" and Club "Horo-2002"

The Christmas Concert will be held on December 20 at 6.00pm in the auditorium of the municipality of Yambol.

About 150 children aged 4 to 18 years from the school's dance ensemble "Rombana" House of Culture "consent-1862" and Club "Horo-2002, will take part.
The concert will feature dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria and will be open to the traditional festival and the City "Christmas."

Boris Dimitrov
24 Dec 2010 - 30 Dec 2010
Rudartsi, Bulgaria

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Workshop ' Tapan Bie'

The seminar "Tapan Bie" will take place from December 24 to 30, 2010 in the village Rudartsi located next of Vitosha , by Professor Atanas Stoyanov - Nasko.

Nasco's wealth of experience makes it a favorite teacher and sought among those who want to learn music. Individual training or group with percussion instruments like drums and djembes.

For more information and conditions of participation, feel free to visit the website Atanas Stoyanov - Nasko


Boris Dimitrov
26 Dec 2010 - 1 Jan 2011
Flumet - France

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Workshop for SERBIAN and MACEDONIAN dances

The 22nd seminar will be held in “HOTEL PANORAMIC” in FLUMET, 10mn from MEGEVE, nearest railway station: Albertville, nearest airport: GENEVE (after you have a bus to join Megeve). Skiing is possible in Flumet, Praz-sur Arly ,Megeve, or in “Col des SAISIES (place of the olympic games in 1992).

Chorégrapher, musicians :

Dancer of the Serbian state folk ensemble “KOLO” and artistic director of the folk ensemble “OPLENAC” from Topola.
He’ll be accompanied by his accordionist Goran SANDIC and Marko KOJADINOVIC for kaval, flute and saxo.
Programme :

Every morning, traditional dances of different regions of Serbia and Macedonia 3h, and 2h at the end of the afternoon. After dinner, parties with your favourite dances music and singing with Goran and Marko.
This programme may be changed considering the number of participants , or any reasons beyond our control.

Level of danse:
intermediate and advanced.

Organization :
Ivan et Françoise DJOKOVIC

Accomodation :
In Hotel Panoramic Flumet, each room with a bathroom.
For pictures and how to get there see the web-site of the hotel:

Application form and conditions
Application form and conditions

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