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International Folklore Festival “Bojurite“ (Peonies)
International Folklore Festival  “Bojurite“ (Peonies)

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International Folklore
Festival "Bojurite" (Peonies)

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International Folklore Festival “Bojurite“ (Peonies)
1 June 2006 - Kubrat, Bulgaria

In the center of the West Ludogorie, on a high ameba-like plateau (235m altitude) is placed Kubrat Municipality. It is about 5-6 km South-east from Belovetz village, about 40 km from Russe, is spread the 5 km long protected area Bojurite (Miushtereka).

The area is a natural Paeonia Peregrina Mill field and spreads out on 50 dka. With order № 1187/19.04.1976, the Ministry of the forests and the wood production declares the area protected natural site. The Paeonia Peregrina blossoms at the end of April and the beginning of May.

For years on this area takes place the International Folklore festival "Bojurite", in which have participated folklore ensembles from Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Rumania, Sweden and Bulgaria.

In the 2004 edition of the International Folklore festival Bojurite took part ensembles from Rumania and Macedonia, as well as the municipalities, that have participated in the earlier editions.

The youth group from Pehchevo – Macedonia, has presented a very rich repertoire of songs, dances, typical for Eastern Macedonia.

The children group from Stancha – Kalarash, Rumaina, has gained the public’s hearts with its performances. The group was accompanied by the villages’ mayor and a representative of the culture institution from the region’s main town. So there started strong relations with the regions management and the school of the children.

This year there have been also representatives of Russe municipality from Vetovo. Totally the participants were 480. They were given honorary diplomas, souvenirs from the municipality, flyers and prizes.

From Kubrat municipality the participants are:

From the regional Cultural Club "St. St. Kiril i Metodii" – Kubrat

Women vocal group for folklore songs – created in 1981 with director Ginka Dencheva. Their repertoire is from all the ethnographical regions in Bulgaria. They have number of concerts in the town, the municipality and the country. Participation in the Folklore festival in Omol, Sweden in 2000.

School dance ensemble for Bulgarian folk dancing, with choreographer Zdravko Vutov, created in 1971. Repertoire – dances from the different ethnographical regions. Successful participations on the republic festivals for amators. Multiple concerts in the country, participation in a folklore festival in Sweden.

Web site: http://paeonia.getika.com/uk/index.html

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Boris Dimitrov

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