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Music » MP3 » Bulgaria - Moesia » Dunavsko horo
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Dunavsko horo
2'53" Zornitsa Orchestra free download
Dunavsko horo - Bulgarian folk dance.
Northern Bulgaria folklore region. 4/4 time signature.
Dunavsko horo (Danube Dance) is one of the most popular Bulgarian folk dances. It has become a tradition for thousands of Bulgarians to start the new year with a performance of the Dunavsko horo.
Count: one-two ( )

The music track Dunavsko horo is included on the CD "Balkanfolk 2003 - Bulgarian folk dance". The CD consists 24 Bulgarian traditional folk dances from all ethnographic parts of Bulgaria.
It is the Zornitsa Orchestra who plays - gaida, kaval, gadoulka, tamboura and tapan.
℗ Balkanfolk

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