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15th International Festival "St. George's Fun"
15th International Festival "St. George's Fun"

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15th International Festival "St. George's Fun"
26 May 2021 - Kremikovtsi Monastery

For the 15th time on the stage under the Kremikovtsi Monastery was held the International Festival "St. George's Fun". The organizer of the festival is the community center "Svetlina Kremikovtsi - 1906".
More than 700 performers captivated us with the beauty of music, dance and song. Hundreds were present, who had the opportunity on a sunny Saturday to enjoy rhythms, dances and costumes, to honor the ancient monastery church of St. George, to light a candle for health and to taste the delicious sacrifice that Father Seraphim had organized.

"St. George's Day" - choreography: Dimitar Dimitrov, music: Ivan Valev
performance: Folk dance ensemble "Kremikovtsi" at the Chitalishte "Svetlina Kremikovtsi - 1906" - artistic director Valentina Kitova.

"Northern Dance" - choreography: Dimitar Manov, music: Bogomil Zhivkov and Ivan Ivanov
performance: National School of Dance Art - 10th grade with teachers Kristina Alexandrova and Borislav Mutafchiiski.

"Shopska Suite" - choreography by Metodi Kutev, music by Yordan Draganov
performance: Ensemble "Zornitsa" - artistic director Emil Genov

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Boris Dimitrov

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