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Samokov women's costume (5 photos)

The latest in the catalog of Balkanfolk Folk Costume Studio is the women's Samokov costume with code BF 120530. The set includes: embroidered long shirt, dress, apron and belt. You can order the costume on our website at: www.balkanfolk.com . To order 10 or more sets you can contact us to reduce the price.

10 May 2022
Dance ensemble "Naiden Kirov" from Ruse 30 years ago. (7 photos)

Photos and video from the participation of the Dance Ensemble "Naiden Kirov" in the 1st Folklore Dance Competition Zornitsa 1992. The ensemble won first prize with the wonderful performance of the dances:
"Kapanski svatbeni motivi: (Kapanski wedding motifs) - choreography Ivan Donev, music Ivan Penchev costume Maya Gorova
"Sreshta" (Meeting) - choreography by Ivan Donev, music by Ivan Penchev, costume by Maria Trendafilova
"Proletno nastroenie" (Spring mood) - choreography by Ivan Donev, music by Tsanko Mladenov, costume by Maya Gorova

14 April 2022
Folk dance ensemble "Sofia 6" 29 years ago (7 photos)

Folklore dance ensemble "Sofia 6" at the National Chitalishte "Vitosha" Sofia. Artistic director Nestor Nestorov, conductor of the orchestra Encho Ivanov, choreographer Lorenzo Katsarski. Photos from the participation of the ensemble in the 2nd Folklore Dance Competition Zornitsa 1993 with dances:
- "Pazardzhik Suite" - choreography: Metodi Korchev, music: folk
- "Kuklitsi" - choreography by Zhivko Petrov, music by Konstantin Shopov
- "Na megdana" - choreography by Nestor Nestorov, music by Mihail Yordanov

7 April 2022
Grozdober - State Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" - 1993 (8 photos)

Video and photos from the performance of the State Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" at the 2nd Folklore Dance Competition Zornitsa 1993.
The dance production "Grozdober" (Grape Harvest) choreographed by Hristo Ivanov, music by Kosta Kolev is a greeting to all participants in the competition.
Leventi - choreography: Margarita Dikova, music: Krassimir Kyurkchiiski. Varnenski tantsi (Varna dances) choreography: Yordan Yanakiev, music: Kosta Kolev.
The host of the 2nd Zornitsa Folklore Dance Competition 1993 is Radina Chervenova.

16 March 2022
National Festival for Folk Dances "Trakiiska broenitsa" (6 photos)

The National Festival for Folk Dances "Trakiiska broenitsa" will be held on June 25 at 10:00 am on Konstantin Velichkov Square in Pazardzhik. The organizer of the festival "Trakiiska broenitsa" is Dance Ensemble "Horce" Pazardzhik.
See the Balkanfolk Calendar for more information.

13 March 2022
Zdravets Ensemble 30 years ago (8 photos)

Photos and video from the participation of the Ensemble "Zdravets" at the 1st Folklore Dance Competition Zornitsa 1992, held at the Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski", Sofia, Bulgaria. Artistic directors Alexandria and Georgi Stoyanovi
Conductor of the orchestra Todor Stoyanov

The video includes dances:
- "Lazarki" - choreography by Alexandria and Georgi Stoyanovi, music by Georgi Yakimov
- "Men's Shop Dance" - choreography by Radi Radev, music by Boris Vodenicharov
- "Spring Games" - choreography by Dimitar Dimitrov, music by Krassimir Kyurkiyski, Ivan Valev

8 March 2022
Pictures of martenitsa - Baba Marta traditional Bulgarian custom (9 photos)

Send martenitsa to your friends!
The Martenitsa (martenica)... this magical amulet inherited by our predecessors is the first sign of the coming spring. That's why each Bulgarian wears martenitsa on the first of March, symbolizing ones faith that hereon everything will be better. People will smile because they believe they have won the benevolence of Baba Marta.
Grandmother Marta, traditional Bulgarian custom (Baba Marta). Photos (pictures) of martenitsa. Send martenica card to your friends or buy martenica from Balkanfolk shop.

25 February 2022
Embroidered sleeves from Region of Sofia and Graovo (svilenitsi, kapanitsi) (12 photos)

Balkanfolk Atelier offers embroidered sleeves (slops, shirts) for a women's shirt that you can sew on your shirts.

24 February 2022
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