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Exhibition “Follow the Footsteps”
Exhibition “Follow the Footsteps”

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Exhibition “Follow the

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Exhibition “Follow the Footsteps”
11 June 2020 - Internet

Take a virtual trip around Bulgaria by visiting the online exhibition “Follow the Footsteps”, created by Taratanci Foundation. The exhibition presents 34 posters with graphical representation of the footsteps of 34 Bulgarian folk dances from all folklore regions.

The mission of Taratanci Foundation is to present an original perspective of the Bulgarian folklore in a contemporary way. They develop educational methods and products which aim to translate the language of the folklore to the contemporary man and thus - to preserve the cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

What to expect about this exhibition?

In Bulgaria, we often say that we play horo rather than we dance it. In fact, through the horo we connect. Virtually passing through the six ethnographic regions of Bulgaria, you will discover the footsteps of 34 Bulgarian folklore dances. Each horo’s visual output is unique and charged with its very own energy.

The stripes of the background of the image represents the signature of the music to which the horo is performed. If you count the lines from left to right, you will easily find out what is the time signature of the corresponding horo. The colors also correspond to the traditional embroideries from a certain ethnic region where the horo originates.
For example: The Daychovo horo is 9/8 beat size and so its background contains 9 brown and 8 green stripes.

Interesting information about the style and character of the dances from each ethnographic region awaits you there too.

In this exhibition the team of Taratanci presents the horo in a circle format. The circle horos are quite popular in our country.

Dancing in a circle is one of the most ancient forms of dancing. It has been a part of the tribal life even before the first civilizations have formed. Today, circular dancing is well-established into the culture of many cultures around the world.

The circle is a symbol of unity, infinity and perfection. It represents the universe, rebirth and fertility. Using the symbolism of the circle the authors created their unique and authentic representation of the Bulgarian dance. In reality, the forms and shapes of the horo are not nearly that perfect but Taratanci have chosen this representation to accent on the endless repetition and completeness.

To visit the exhibition, follow this link: taratanci.com

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Boris Dimitrov

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