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Shiroka Luka Concert

The 35th Anniversary Concert of the National School for Folklore Art took place in Sofia on April 23rd, 2007. It was a marvellous occasion with the students presenting music, singing and dancing from various regions of Bulgaria.

24 April 2007 - NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria
Anna Travali
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First Festival “Horo se vie izviva”

The first edition of the “Horo se vie izviva” festival was held on April 22, 2007 in Triaditsa Sports Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the first meeting of Bulgarian horo clubs and it occurred thanks to the support of the cultural department at the Triaditsa district in Sofia and, it followed the idea of Eva Delinesheva, who is an executive secretary at “Dimitar Dinev” cultural house.

20 clubs and Bulgarian dances groups from all districts of the capital took part in the festival...

22 April 2007 - Sports Hall “Triaditsa”, Sofia, Bulgaria
Balkanfolk Team
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Bulgarian crafts artist in Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007, USA

Traditional Bulgarian crafts will be presented again at America’s largest international folklore festival, Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007.

From April 2nd through May 6th 2007 four master craftsmen from Bulgaria will be demonstrating their craftsmanship before the people of the Mid-western United States.

World-Fest takes place in the theme park “Silver Dollar City”, in Branson, Missouri. This is a program that continues the preservation and demonstration of folklore arts through presentations to the people and it includes dance, music and crafts. Since 1999, master craftsmen from Bulgaria have been selected and presented at this prestigious forum by Mrs. Yanka Docheva, Managing Director of “World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd.

16 March 2007 - Branson, Missouri, USA
Balkanfolk Team
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National Multicultural Festival, Канбера 2007 - Австралия

Днес, 10.02.2007, за първи път Австралийско-българско дружество "Младост" представи България по време на Националния мултикултурен Фестивал, Канбера 2007.

По време на "Food and Dance Spectacular" дружеството представи свой щанд с вкусни сладкарски изделия приготвени от сръчните ръце на българките.

Фестивалът е с 12 годишна история и това е първия път в който българското дружество представя българската общност живееща в Канбера.

Всички, които посетиха щанда на дружеството имаха удоволствието да се насладят на българската кухня, да усетят аромата на българската роза и да се полюбуват на българската природа, традиции, история и култура събрани на ДВД предоставено от Агенцията по туризъм.

10 February 2007 - Канбера, Австралия
Balkanfolk Team
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Народната певица Валя Балканска на 65 години

Българката, чийто глас лети в Космоса на американската совалка “Вояджър”, този месец изпълни 65 години.

Валя Балканска е родена през 1942 година в махала Лагът, недалече от село Арда в сърцето на южните Родопи. Двегодишна загубва баща си, загинал като участник във Втората световна война, но знае, че когато той пеел, планината се люлеела. Осемгодишна запява на сцената и днес репертоарът й съдържа около 300 песни.

29 January 2007 - България
Balkanfolk Team
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12th World Folkdance Festival - Palma de Mallorca

Once again, the City of Palma de Mallorca will open its doors to a multitude of folkdance enthusiasts for the XII edition of the World Folkdance Festival.

We will celebrate our 20 years anniversary at this next edition which will take place during the dates 10 - 14 April 2007 and as in the previous editions since 1985, the World Folkdance Festival will be the centre of a concentration of folkdance groups from the five continents.

12 January 2007 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Balkanfolk Team
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Women’s Song Group from Bely Iskar village, Samokov - Bulgaria

Days before Bulgaria join the European Union “Gega New” Music House published a unique disc. Eleven women from Bely Iskar village from the region of Samokov recorded 21 authentic songs the way they remember them from their mothers and grandmothers.
The village is a part of the big folklore region Middle West Bulgaria and the most typical there is the two voice singing. Once, the great researcher of Bulgarian folklore Vassil Stoinov collected 1115 songs from that region (1935).

5 January 2007 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Gega New
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Vassil Valchev’s 70th Anniversary Christmas concert

On December 20, 2006 in hall 2 at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, hundreds of folklore fans had the chance to see Zdravets ensemble’s performance and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the choreographer Vassil Valchev.

Vassil Valchel was born in the town of Yambol, south-east Bulgaria. In 1959 he graduated at VIF (Physical Education Institute) at the Pedagogic department. He spent 29 years as a soloist at the National Army Ensemble and meanwhile worked as a dance teacher at the Rosna Kitka Ensemble. 7 years he was the director of the ensemble at the Ivan Vazov cultural club in Kostinbrod and 9 years worked with Zdravets’ children.

20 December 2006 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Vera Genova
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Festal Folklore Concert

On December 19 some of the most popular folklore singers and musicians will perform at the prestigious stage. The concert will be a reverence to our precious Bulgarian songs, which kept our national spirit through the times.

The professionals of folklore singing – Slavka Kalcheva, Ivan Dyakov, Poli Paskova, Nikolay Slaveev, Yuri Krumov and Yanko Nedelchev, will perform their most loved songs. As to the colouring, dynamics and the live spirit of the concert, a few more troupes will contribute – ‘101 kaba gaidas’, ‘Smolyani’ dance formation, ‘Slavey’ band, ‘Pirin’ ensemble, ‘Ethno rhythm’ dance formation, ‘ ‘Chinari’ ensemble and ‘Trakia’ ensemble. The singers, players and dancers are rehearsing hard to prepare their performance.

17 December 2006 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Payner Music
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30 year anniversary of Dance Ensemble Mladost

On 25th november 2006 (saturday) at 6:00 pm, at the Drama Theater Dragomir Asenov, Montana, a concert of the folklore ensemble Mladost will take place at the Town hall in honor of their 30 year anniversary.

Among the guests are: the Minister of Culture Mr. Stefan Danailov, The Head of State Mr. Todor Vurbanov,the mayor of Montana Mr. Zlatko Jivkov, community counselors, choreographers from the country and abroad,( Ukrain, Check Republic, Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia).

23 November 2006 - Montana, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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