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Concert in honor of the Bulgarian choreographer Boris Valkov
8 Jun 2024
Osvobozhdenie cinema-theatre, Sofia

Concert in honor of the Bulgarian choreographer Boris Valkov


On June 8 at 7 p.m. a concert in honor of Boris Valkov will take place in Osvobozhdenie cinema-theatre! Dance group of the Teachers - "Boris Valkov" together with friends from groups that were part of Boris Valkov's life, we are gathering to fulfill his wish during his lifetime!

Let us all remember "The Boss" and his unique look and sense of humor!

The concert will feature - Teachers' Dance Ensemble - Boris Valkov", Folk Dance Ensemble "Botevgrad" with director Stoyan Stoyanov, Representative Dance Ensemble "Kremikovtsi" with director Valentina Kitova, Ensemble "Ovcharska pesen" (Shepherd's Song) from Dorkovo, Ensemble "Nie ot Shopluka" (We from Shopluk) to the Central House of Transport Workers, SNC "Bulgarsko Horo" (Bulgarian Dance).

Концерт в чест на Борис Вълков

Boris Dimitrov

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