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Photos of Bulgarian Folk Costumes (29 photos)

Photos of Bulgarian folk costumes made in the studio for traditional costumes of Balkanfolk. The Atelie produces children, male and female costumes from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. The costumes are made in sizes of customers. Prices of different costumes you can see the official website of the studio Balkanfolk.com

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15 March 2013
Pictures from International Festival of the Masquerade Games - Surva (16 photos)

Pictures from 16th International Festival of the Masquerade Games "Surva 2006" and 17th International Festival of the Masquerade Games "Surva 2008" - Pernik, Bulgaria. Add your pictures from Festival Surva 2008.

26 January 2013
World Oscar for Folklore of IFA (5 photos)

On December 1, 2012 was held ceremony of the World Oscar for Folklore of IGF (International Folklore Association), in the city of Guimarães, Portugal - European Capital of Culture in 2012.

For long and dedicated creative activity Dimitar Manov was awarded the prestigious award - World Oscar for Folklore.

4 December 2012
National Festival of Folk Dances "Trakiiska broenica" (11 photos)

Photos from the National Festival of Folk Dances "Thracian rosary" ("Trakiiska broenica") in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria organized by Dance Formation "Hortse".

National Festival of Folk Dances "Trakiiska broenica" - 24 November, 2012

25 November 2012
Folk Dance Club "Nashenci" of "Misia dancing 2012", Pleven (11 photos)

Pictures of Folk dance club "Nasenci", Sofia - participation in the National Festival of Folk Dance clubs - "Misia dancing 2012" Pleven, Bulgaria.

13 November 2012
EARTHDANCERS FESTIVAL 2012 in Athens, Greece (11 photos)

Photos from 2nd International Culture Festival EARTHDANCERS 2012 in Athens, Greece.
3th International Culture Festival EARTHDANCERS 2013 in Athens, Greece - 26 AUGUST to 02 SEPTEMBER 2013 ATHENS, GREECE
More details for EARTHDANCERS FESTIVAL 2013

2 November 2012
(8 photos)

14 September 2012
NFF "Folkloren izvor" 2012 - Photos (13 photos)

Photos from the participation of dance ensemble "Radostina" Svishtov of National Folklore Festivala "Folkloren izvor" (Folklore spring) 2012, Tsarevets, Bulgaria

8 August 2012
186 results, 24 pages | 6

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