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6 May 2024 - 8 May 2024
Kremikovsky Monastery and Kremikovtsi quarter, Sofia

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18th International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie"

18th International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie"
- Kremikovtsi 2024
from 06.05.2024 to 08.05.2024

More information and the names of the participating ensembles and groups are coming soon!

Anyone who wishes to participate and perform can submit a request from the following link by April 15, 2024.

18th International Festival Gergyovsko veselie 2024

Boris Dimitrov
11 May 2024

National Festival "Hortseto na Defileto"

This year, on May 11, the 4th edition of the National Festival - "Hortseto na Defileto" (The Horse of the Gorge) will be held in the city of Mezdra, Bulgaria

Main objectives of the festival:
- To provide an opportunity for performers who love and deal with Bulgarian folk dance art.
- Preservation of the Bulgarian way of life, customs, manners and traditions in our folk dance heritage.
- To create entertainment and delight for the audience with the patriotic spirit of dances, music and the richness of our folk costumes.

- The festival has no competitive nature and no participation fee.
- All clubs and schools for Bulgarian folk dances and choirs have the right to participate.
- Participants are required to be dressed in folk costumes.
- Club leaders have the right to take part in the competition program.
- Participants must be amateurs.
- The musical accompaniment is chosen by the participants. If it is on record, be provided on a flash drive, arranged in the order of people's performance.

The organizers reserve the right to videotape and photograph the performances of the participants in the competition, for the purpose of creating an archive and promotion, and the same will not be used for commercial purposes.
All teams will receive a certificate of participation.

Request for participation is submitted to e-mail: festivals.mezdra@gmail.com
The request must be submitted by 02.05.2024 in free text with the following mandatory information:
1. Name of the group
2. Population
3. Manager /three names, telephone, e-mail/
4. Number of participants
5. Name, time signature and from which ethnographic area are the people to participate in the first stage

National Festival - Hortseto na Defileto

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18th International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie"
6 May 2024 - 8 May 2024
Kremikovsky Monastery and Kremikovtsi quarter, Sofia
"Shumenska Gara"
11 May 2024
Hall 1 of the NDK, Sofia
National Festival "Hortseto na Defileto"
11 May 2024
"Secrets of Grandmother's Chest"
30 Jun 2024
Village of Yagodovo

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