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Bulgarian crafts artist in Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007, USA
Bulgarian crafts artist in Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007, USA

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Bulgarian crafts artist in Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007, USA
16 март 2007 - Branson, Missouri, USA

Traditional Bulgarian crafts will be presented again at America’s largest international folklore festival, Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007.

From April 2nd through May 6th 2007 four master craftsmen from Bulgaria will be demonstrating their craftsmanship before the people of the Mid-western United States.

World-Fest takes place in the theme park “Silver Dollar City”, in Branson, Missouri. This is a program that continues the preservation and demonstration of folklore arts through presentations to the people and it includes dance, music and crafts. Since 1999, master craftsmen from Bulgaria have been selected and presented at this prestigious forum by Mrs. Yanka Docheva, Managing Director of “World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd.

This year’s crafts presentation is to be made by the following master craftsmen: Vesselin Feschiev, weaver from Veliko Turnovo (this is his 4th participation in World-Fest); Nikolay Nikolov, wood-carver from Varna (this is his 2nd participation in World-Fest); Svetlozar Parmakov, master of ceramics from Isperih; Marieta Nedkova, leather crafts-woman from Sofia.

The interest of the American public towards the traditional crafts from Bulgaria is made evident by the fact that Bulgarian craftsmen get invited every year and some of them have been part of this forum repeatedly. Their contributions make a wonderful addition to this symposium.

For more information about each craftsman, see below:
Marieta Yordanova NEDKOVA - leather craftswoman
Nikolay NIKOLOV - woodcarver
Svetlozar PARMAKOV - master of ceramics
Vesselin FESCHIEV - weaver

Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007 web site

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