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Eremia - the happiest horo dance in Sofia
Eremia - the happiest horo dance in Sofia

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Eremia - the happiest horo dance in Sofia
13 октомври 2011 - Eremia Dance School

The Bulgarian folk dance school Eremia opened its doors on July 1 this year and still hold on together on a regular weekly basis over 120 people in five different groups - Beginners, two Intermediates and two Advanced. The latest group - Beginners started just recently on September 14 and is just beginnging to shape the future dancers. Founder of the Dance School is Ivaylo Georgiev, and group leaders and choreographers are Ivaylo Georgiev and Iskra Stoyanova. The dancers of Eremia won a first prize on a dance contest straight after its opening thanks to the efforts and fruitful work of both choreographers. They conquered the hearts of the organizers of the contest \"Horo dancing by the hillside\" 2011, held in September in Plovdiv. The Eremia dancers were awarded the Special prize of the Contest. After this event the team of the Dance school decided their dancers deserved something special and they threw an official opening of the 2011-2012 dancing season. The season opening of the newest Dance School for Bulgarian national folklore dances Eremia was a true celebration of dance and songs. Over 130 men and women dances for over 8 hours in the courtyard of “Moon” Cultural Centre, where the rehearsal room is situated. The good mood was literally inexhaustible, and fun did not quiet down for a moment. Thus proving besides being the youngest Dance School in Bulgaria, Eremia is also the biggest one in the Mladost District. We are proud to boast the most loyal supporters and friends. The official opening of the School became a reality after the tireless efforts of the team of Eremia. The guests had the pleasure to enjoy a perfect organization, splendid surroundings and unstoppable folklore music. Personal attitude to the guests could be seen in every detail of the event – from the personal invitations, made by the designer of Eremia - Gergana Ivanova up to the choice of meals, carefully selected and refined, all prepared by members of the Dance School. The little “festival” was accompanied by surprise special raffle prizes all to come in handy for the dancers. Musicians from National Ensemble "Philip Kutev" and the group "Bulgara" united under the name "Bereket" with director Peter Gerovski – special invites of Eremia, were also responsible for the high spirits of the feast. The attendees had the pleasure to dance to the sounds of horo music from all folklore regions. A special surprise was the performance of Folklore Formation Eremia, which truly delighted the audience with folklore from Thrace and Shopluka Regions. Among the patchwork of sounds, colors and smiles the popular singer of Bulgarian folk songs Kyril Bekov spontaneously came out on the scene. The guests were not simple watchers and catchers and returned the gesture with a huge chocolate cake branded Eremia with large crème letters. The sweet surprise was hand made by another dancer from the School – Irina Ivanova. In the end of the evening everybody received a small symbolic gift that will keep the memory of the feast and its beautiful occasion. The doors of the Bulgarian folk dance school Eremia are open to all enthusiasts with a sunny smile and a desire to dance. Anyone who wants to become part of this colorful fun is mostly welcomed! More information about the School can be found on http://www.eremia.bg, and the fanpage on facebook http://www.facebook.com/hora.eremia.bg.

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ШБНХ Еремия

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