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International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia
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International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia
8 август 2008 - Rudnik, Serbia

Also the Japanese is dancing `Zavrzlama`

“And songs, my child, songs and music make a nation. Every bird sings in its own voice. Every nation has its own voice, too and its own song by which it is known. When you meet a stranger never ask him who he is and where he comes from. Let him sing or play to you and all will be clear to you…” This is said in “The Legacy of Songs and Plays” by Stefan Nemanja.

In these days the Grammar School of Rudnik is hosting a seminar for folk and ethnic traditions in which people from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Republika Srpska, and Belgium participate. The Japanese patricipant arrived with a direct flight from Tokio to Belgrade. All this was organized by Aleksander Sasha Smrekic, artist director of the Cultural and Artist Society “Abrasevic” from Cacak and Vladimir Tanasijevic, artist director of the Academic Artist and Cultural Society “Branko Krsmanovic” from Belgrade. Boris Dimitrov from Sofia is the third performer, he is the founder of “Balkanfolk”, a society for cultivation of Bulgarian folklore. He lectures basic steps of original dances from his country.
The 35 participants of the seminar are nested in Hotel “Neda”. During the seminar they learn Serbian and Bulgarian folk dances, basic knowledge in iconography, lectured by Goran Krsmanovic (teacher and iconographist from Rudnik) and as well as traditional weaving, lectured by Svetlana Krsmanovic. All these lessons take place in the rooms of the Grammar School in Rudnik.

It is the second time that this seminar with international participants takes place in Rudnik and after 10 days spent in Serbia usually everybody announce to be willing to come back again.

“It is marvellous here, in the heart of Serbia, ambient temperature is moderate, teachers are excellent and hosts are overwhelming.We will come next year as well”, says Dr. Heiner Zimmermann, Professor of the University of Heidelberg.

It has to be pointed out that the fans of Balkan folklore have many different professions, most of them are teachers, engineers, directors of multinational trusts form Germany and France, and journalists. All of them dance foklore from Serbia and Bulgaria, and they especially adore Zavrzlama, Svrljiski Cacak, Pesacko, Ti Mome…

These folk dancers from Europe and Japan obviously love our original traditional music and dances, therefore people from Rudnik and those who organized the seminar think this love should be reinforced.

Takovske Novine, 2008, Nr.1762, August, 7th
English translation by Dusanka Kasapic

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