Christmas party of Lira Group Dance Company
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Christmas party of Lira Group Dance Company
Christmas party of Lira Group Dance Company

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Christmas party of Lira Group Dance Company
20 December 2007 - Sofia, 7 Yanko Sakazov Str.

Dear friends, as you already know, the Christmas party of Lira Group Dance Company will take place on Thursday, December 20th at 7 pm. The Christmas tree “Lira” is waiting for your toys. Here in brief the agenda:

7:00 – 7:30 pm decoration of the Christmas tree “Lira”, every one of you will hang his toy onto the Christmas tree and according to an Old Bulgarian Custom the eldest will place instead of a toy the Christmas star on top of the tree. At 7:30 pm the lights will go on.

7:30 – 8 pm official part – every group will dance the learned for the past 6 months:

Ring-dance Ruchenitsa from Thracian folklore – folklore dances group;
Merengue – the Saturday latin dances group, beginners;
Arap - folklore dances group;
Slow waltz – ballroom dances group;
Salsa basic steps – latin dances group, beginners;
Elenino horo - folklore dances group;
Jive - ballroom dances group;
Salsa choreography - latin dances group, intermediate;
Kustendil ruchenitsa - folklore dances group, the most advanced;  

8:00 – 9:00 Party with latin, ballroom and folklore dances.

You may invite your parents, children, grandsons and friends to support you with applauses.

Entrance fee: compulsory smile at the front gate!

You can bring food and drinks, but don’t push it too much, because we still can not eat the sweets from last time.

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Loretta Dimitrova

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