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Present for NSFA "Philip Kutev" - Kotev
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Present for NSFA "Philip Kutev" - Kotev
20 June 2007 -

The Director of Silver Dollar City World-Fest, Mr. Rex Burdette, in 2005, was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria a silver medal “Simeon the Great – the Golden Age of Bulgaria” for his contribution to the promotion of Bulgarian folklore in the United States of America. At the end of this year’s edition of the Festival, Mr. Burdette asked Mrs. Yanka Docheva, Managing Director of “World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd. to deliver for him a present to the National School of Folklore Arts "Philip Kutev" – Kotev.
The present is a set of wood-carving tools for the class of music instruments makers at the School. Happy coincidences are not a matter of mere chance when they are associated with true friendship and virtue: the year 2007 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Music School in Kotel and the present was received in the School on the day of the Anniversary celebrations.

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