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“More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian”
“More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian”

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“More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian”
3 June 2007 - TV SKAT

On June 2 - the day of Hristo Botev and in memorial of all man who died for Bulgaria’s freedom, was the live show of the second edition of “More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian” with the participation of ensemble “Zornitsa” on television SKAT.

On the occasion of June 1 - Children’s Day and the forthcoming celebration “Rozober” (picking of the newly blossomed roses) guest of the show were the children form the village of Rozino. They recreated in extraordinary way the atmosphere of the picking of the roses with their dances, music and songs.

But there should always be competition in singing and dancing and for that the children from the village of Lukovit were also invited to participate in the show. They performed the famous dance “Lukovitski momi” (Maidens from Lukovit) and also the beautiful Bulgarian “Gankino horo”.

Special guest of the show were Prof. Shopov and the prime singer of songs from the Rodopa Mountain - Hristina Liutova. After the show the two prominent folklore figures in Bulgaria congratulated dance ensemble “Zornitsa” for the splendid work and the remarkable atmosphere in the studio.

Zornitsa Folk Ensemlble - www.zornitsa.org

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Ivailo Parvanov

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