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First Festival “Horo se vie izviva”
First Festival “Horo se vie izviva”

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First Festival for Folklore
Clubs and Groups “Horo se
vie, izviva”

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First Festival “Horo se vie izviva”
22 April 2007 - Sports Hall “Triaditsa”, Sofia, Bulgaria

The first edition of the “Horo se vie, izviva” festival was held on April 22, 2007 in "Triaditsa" Sports Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the first meeting of Bulgarian horo clubs and it occurred thanks to the support of the cultural department at the Triaditsa district in Sofia and, it followed the idea of Eva Delinesheva, who is an executive secretary at “Dimitar Dinev” cultural house.

20 clubs and Bulgarian dances groups from all districts of the capital took part in the festival:

- “Novi Han” dance group
- “Igraorets” dance group, led by Krassimir Hristov
- “Za poias” dance club
- “Horo” dance club
- “Superforma 1” dance group
- “Kitka” dance group
- “Area” dance group
- “Vito horo” dance group
- “Folklorika” dance group
- “Yuliva” dance group
- “Chanove” Bulgarian folklore dance club, led by Kostadin Gospodinov and Milena Gospodinova
- “Beli Brezi” dance club
- “David” dance club
- “Vai, Dudule” dance group
- “Viara, Nadezhda, Liubov” dance group
- “Folkloria” dance group
- “Folk Palitra” dance group
- “Balgarsko horo” dance group
- “Superforma 2” dance group
- “Detelina” dance club, led by Ana Atanassova from Plovdiv

The popular actress Galya Assenova was a presenter.

According to the regulations of the competition each group had to choose and perform two horos. In addition, all participants were asked to perform the following horos: Pravo trakiisko horo, Eleno mome, Dunavsko horo, Shirto, Daichovo horo. The most attractive part was the rahcenitsa in couple contest.
The numerous audience at Triaditsa Sports Hall gave a standing ovation to the dancers during the four-hours competition. The jury, composed of Maria Evtimova, Emil Genov and Emil Hristov announced the prizes.


1. Rachenitsa in couple

First prize
Evelina Taskova and Ivelin Grigorov from “Horo” dance club from Nadezhda district
Second prize
Nadezhda Dimova and Ivo Nedelchev from “Palitra” dance group at “Dimitar Dinev” cultural house
Third prize
Dimitrina Petrova and Bogdan Mihailov from “Viara, Nadezhda, Liubov” dance group from Gorna Malina village

2. Special prizes

Triaditsa district awarded “Detelina’” dance club from Plovdiv a special prize
A prize for a large-scale performance to “Chanove” Bulgarian folklore dance club
A prize for authenticity to “Beli brezi” dance club
A prize for attractiveness to “Viara, Nadezhda, Liubov” dance group from Gorna Malina village

3. Prizes for complex presentation

First Prize
“Chanove” Bulgarian folklore dance club
Second Prize
“Igraorets” dance group
Third Prize
“Folk Palitra” dance group at “Dimitar Dinev” Cultural House

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