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A Village Fair at Lilkovo
A Village Fair at Lilkovo

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A Village Fair at Lilkovo
5 June 2006 - Lilkovo, Bulgaria

A big fair was held on 3 June 2006 in the Rhodope village of Lilkovo. The gathering started as of the early morning and went on until late evening. Two bands had the important role of entertaining the people – Brestovitsa, led by the clarinet player Yashko Argirov and, Slavcho Angelov’s band from Brestovitsa called Slavey. The soloists of the bands, Diana Ivanova and Danko Danov, performed some of the visitors’ favourite Rhodope songs.

More than five hundred people danced the Rhodope horo and enjoyed the nice sunny day.

As per the tradition, the fair in the beautiful Rhodope village of Lilkovo is always organised on the first Saturday of June, which is the day of St Konstantin and St Elena according the ancient calendar of the Orthodox Church. Both old and young sang together the eternal Rhodope songs “Bela sam, bela yunache”, “Rufinka bolna legnala”, “Tornal e Todyu na gurbet da odi”, “Listni sa, goro”, “Todyu, lelin Todyu”.

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Anton Gardev

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