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Folk Dance Ensemble 'Zlatna Trakia"
Folk Dance Ensemble 'Zlatna Trakia"

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Folk Dance Ensemble 'Zlatna Trakia"
22 November 2010 - Haskovo, Bulgaria

Folk Dance ensemble "Zlatna Trakia" was created in 1992. in Haskovo. The ensemble is directed by Zlatka Timonova - choreographer and teacher with extensive experience in the Bulgarian folklore. More than 100 participants aged 5-30 years compose the ensemble. The ensemble's repertoire includes songs and dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria., The Ensemble performed in Bulgaria but also abroad in different festivals and competitions in Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Cyprus, Italy - Sardinia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Portugal and others.

References :

1993 - Silver Palm international competition Anatolian folklore festival - Antalya, Turkey;

1995 - First prize for choreography and performance festival "Carpathian vizerunki" Lviv, Ukraine. First Prize at the International Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia;

1997 - International Festival Italy andSardinia;

2000 - two festivals in Greece - Traditions of Europe "in Edirne, Turkey

2003 - Turkey - Edirne Participation in the second edition of the festival .Winner of two gold medals and the Cup for best performance. Bulgarian folk festival in the Republic of Ukraine in the city of Rivne and Lviv;

2004 – Participation to the 41 th InternationalFolklore Festival - Beskidskata in the Poland, Byalsko and returned with many medals, diplomas,

2005 - Participation in the 10 th International Folk Festival Nógrád –Hungary- and in Slovakia.

2006 - Marcinelle, Belgium. Participation in the international festival of dance and folklore 2006 – Participation in the Folk Festival in France – Lyunevile.

2007 - 15th International Children's Festival in Izmir - Turkey. Tour 2007 - 25 days in France and Belgium - six international folk festival.

2008 - Istanbul, Turkey – 2nd place for performance, choreography and costumes for 2008 - Participation in the festival nasambala Shatura - Moscow, Russia. 2009 - Participation in the International Children's Festival of Fethiye, Turkey.

2009 - Participation in the festival "FOLKLORE BIZIAN 09", Galdakao, Spain. 2009 - Participation of Children's Day "Joy of Europe (" Joy of Europe "), Beograd, Serbia. 2009 - 14th International Folklore Festival City Derventa, Bosnia-Herzegovina. 2010 - Participation in the 3 rd International Festival - Fethiye LYKIA the WORLD FIRST INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION "Golden Sun" DANCE.

2010 - Performances in Portugal -: Kantanede, Karangdzheyra Milharado. 2010 - Concert in the city Enger, Spain.

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